That “Social Media Influencer” Life

It's been a while and I honestly haven't had the motivation or drive to write or even edit the videos I've filmed for the past month or so. I can't say that I've been busy so, in a nutshell I've just been lazy.  

Today's topic: Social Media Influencers *jeng jeng jeng* 

As someone who surfs the net, I'm sure it's not something new to you. The term “social media influencer” is so overly used due to the escalating amount of people claiming to be, it's nauseating. Truth be told, even I cringe when I get called that. It's not because of what “social media influencers” do as a whole that makes me cringe, it's the fact that so many people who don't deserve to hop onto the bandwagon has. 

Now, let's break down the term SOCIAL MEDIA and INFLUENCER



websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.



a person who has the power to influence others and their decisions. 

Essentially, a “social media influencer” inspires others to be like them (e.g. by using the products they use, dressing like them, sharing the same viewpoint, creating beautifully curated content, travelling etc.). BUT, it seems like ANYONE can be a “social media influencer” at this point of time. All you need to do is be mediocre to extremely good looking or hot (aka have good genes or have money to hire a good surgeon) to become a “social media influencer” and this just makes the whole industry look like a joke. 

Social media does not only mean INSTAGRAM. There are people I know who continuously create amazing and creative content on their blogs and YouTube channels but do not get enough credit for it compared to a pretty face who has an account on Instagram. We need to stop over hyping people who are just mediocre and start discovering dark horses amidst the bullshit. 

To be so blunt, it just isn't fair for budding talents. I know so many people who get so disappointed when they put their all on their creative work online but someone else gets the hype and praise for just taking a selfie. Aside from that, we've got all these dissatisfied people voicing out their negative opinions on the whole “social media influencer” craze because it appreciates a pretty face more than a talented creative. And thanks to all that overhyped mediocre "social media influencers” who drove the dissatisfaction of these unsafisfied people, actual people who use social media to inspire others are getting bashed too as they somehow fall into the same category of “social media influencer”. 

Can we not come up with a different term because this is getting hella MESSY!

If you asked me what I thought about my “status” as a “social media influencer”, I would say I'm on the fence. I push myself to create content that hopefully people will enjoy so that I don't fall into the category of just another mediocre to pretty girl on Instagram. However, I also understand how hard it is to constantly churn up creative work that people want to read or see (hence, why I wasn't bothered for the past month because I was too lazy). And when I don't work hard enough to be creative, I end up leaning in to the category I would really prefer not to be in.

Gone are the days where I actually enjoyed empty and materialistic praises. Can we talk about more important things, share life hacks or empower each other? 

These are my thoughts, what are yours? 


Top 4 Places To Visit In Krabi, Thailand

I'm finally done with college and I decided to take a break for a few days in Krabi, Thailand! I got to explore quite a few places in Krabi that was honestly quite an eye opener. Here's a list of places I think would be great for any young/young at heart travellers to visit! 

1. Take a stroll along Ao Nang Beach...


Personally, I think that Ao Nang Beach is more of a jetty where boats pick travellers up to travel to the nearby islands. I don't think it's a safe place to swim in because of the number of incoming boats. It is however, a beautiful place to sit and watch the sunset. Aside from that, there is a whole stretch of food, drinks and souvenir stores across the beach. Grab a cocktail, beer and some snacks while you sit back and relax. 

2. Take a long tail boat to Phra Nang Cave Beach.


Take a long tail boat at 200 Baht per person (two way) to Phra Nang Cave Beach, one of Railay's Peninsula Beaches. A breathtaking view of nearby islands across the Andaman Sea with crystal clear water. There are floating hawkers on long tail boats parked across the far end of the beach for refreshments. Not to mention, kayaking and rock climbing is available as well! Besides being able to enjoy the sun and sea, the Phra Nang Cave is also an amazing site to explore. A beautiful shrine is set up for the princess/goddess named Phra Nang who is said to offer safe travels and fertility. Offerings such as Lingams are offered to the princess/goddess of the cave for such purpose. 

3. Watch the cabaret show at Blue Dragon Cabaret!


It was my first time watching a cabaret show and I must say, it was quite entertaining! 500 Baht per pax inclusive of a mineral water was considered on par with the performance they gave us. The lady boys were beautiful, costumes were lavish and full of feathers. Something I'd recommend first timers! 

4. Enjoy a kinky night at Nova Club! 


One of the strip club's in Centerpoint Ao Nang, a well know place filled with bars and clubs of the dodgiest yet exciting kind. Nova Club is one of the more well known strip clubs we decided to explore. The fun only starts after 12 midnight so make sure you come at the right time! Drinks are cheap but beware, some of the girls demand payment for company or might even pressure you into buying a whole load of drinks you can't finish. 

Other strip clubs to recommend: Sabina Bar & Pub (right across Nova Club in Centerpoint, Ao Nang)

These were by far my favourite places in Krabi but don't forget to check out my vlog for a more extensive view of Krabi! 


Top 8 Places To Visit In Chiang Mai

It's 2017 and I've decided to stop writing trip diaries but instead let you guys know a little bit more on where and what to do at the countries I've visited based on first hand experience. I was recently in Chiang Mai, Thailand with my family and I'm thrilled to be letting you guys know that I had so much fun! Chiang Mai is such an underrated part of Thailand that no one actually thinks twice about but the scenic views, good food and great weather will blow your mind! 

1. Take a closer look at the majestic elephants at Maesa Elephant Camp.


Maesa Elephant Camp is a privately owned elephant conservation centre. 


It has a total of 80+ elephants in their idyllic forest setting with a waterfall welcoming you as you enter. I personally love this place because all the elephants are treated so gently by their caretakers. These elephants are also super adorable with the little tricks they have up their sleeve. You'll definitely have a great time watching these majestic animals bathe, draw, play soccer and do cool tricks.

2. Behold, the temple made of gold...Wat Phra That Doi Suthep.


Hidden up on the hills lay a beautiful temple made out of pure gold. Overlooking the city on its mountain throne, this sacred temple is known by all of Chiang Mai. The traditional architecture is breathtaking. The staircase up the golden temple is flanked by mosaic serpents and has about 300+ steps that challenges you to workout for a good view for sure! 

3. Appreciate the local craft at SA Paper & Umbrella Making Centre.


Drop by the paper and umbrella making centre in Chiang Mai to catch the making of traditional paper fans and umbrellas by the pros. A very interesting factory with a wealth of education through the art & process of paper & umbrella making. There are various spots in and out of the factory that are filled with photo opportunities as well. Not to mention, a variety of designs and price range to the paper umbrellas they make, I think it's perfect for a souvenir! 

4. Discover and learn about a whole new culture at Karen Long Neck Hill Tribe Settlement.


Discover the undiscovered at the Karen Long Neck Hill Tribe Settlement. These native tribes have been decreasing in size as the new era approaches. It was such a unique experience to see and learn about their way of life. The Karen girls believe that long necks are a sign of beauty, hence, why they wear layers & layers of thick metal neck cuffs to elongate their necks. In modern day Karen Tribe culture, these metal neck cuffs are worn from a young age until they hit puberty. Upon hitting puberty, they are given an option to give it up or continue wearing them for the rest of their lives. Women who wear them past puberty are unable to take them off ever again as their neck will collapse without the support of the metal cuffs. Support the cultural village by purchasing handmade goods from the tribesmen. It is their only source of income as natives who want to preserve their culture. 

5. Get some snacks at Warorot Market.


A food haven, get your local treats here! What you cannot miss out at this market is definitely the fried silk worms and pig skin. I know it sounds odd but trust me, it's an adventure for your taste buds! The best time to explore this market is from morning to noon. Shops usually close in the evening. Explore the corners of the market and you might find some clothes and hidden gems as well! One of my favourite places for food and goods. 

6. Enjoy a chill night out with good food and drinks at Ploen Ruedee Night Market.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 12.57.57 PM.png

Ploen Ruedee Night Market is a brand new night market/outdoor food court in Chang Kian Road. With almost everything from authentic Thai food to Mexican tapas, each and every store is designed beautifully to suit the theme of their cuisine. Food and drinks are extremely cheap and not to mention, the quality of it was not compromised. The night market also has live band throughout the night and bean bags for their customers to feel right at home. If you walk out of the night market and along the streets, you'll be able to find rows and rows of stalls set up selling clothing, souvenirs, hand made goodies and more! 

7. Shop for some souvenirs and clothing at the Kalare Night Bazaar.


The Kalare Night Bazaar is filled with souvenir shops, boutiques and little hawkers. One of the best places to shop for yourself and others. From handmade crafts to local treats, everything you need is in one place. Not to mention, it is a great place for families to hang out and spend quality time together. The place isn't too hectic and everything is pretty much in order for your comfort. 

8. Observe and enjoy the company of animals like you've never before at the Chiang Mai Night Safari.


I have not been a fan of zoos since I was a kid. I didn't like how the environment was for the animals caged for human amusement. Animal safaris not the other hand are amazing if you enjoy observing animals while knowing you're not paying for animal mistreatment. The only animal safaris I've been to were in Korea & Singapore. Chiang Mai impressed me with their amazing night safari that I ought to say was definitely bigger and better than the one in Singapore. It has a large variety of animals we could observe and even hand feed. The animals were not caged and were allowed to roam freely in the beautiful forest-like setting. This is definitely an attraction not to miss! 




Pott Glasses

In an effort to save my eyes from the constant glare all thanks to technology, I had the privilege to select a really cute pair of glasses that was fit with lenses that helped block out the glaring blue light from computers, television and even phones. 


Pott Glasses is an independent eyewear label that emphasises on Asian-fit. Aside from that, they also make an effort to donate a pair of glasses to the underprevilleged with every purchase. 


With a wide range of beautiful designs to choose from, I'm spoiled for choices!  


With a branch in Subang Jaya & SS2, convenience is also one of the key reasons why I didn't mind taking my time at their gallery. The people who were working there were very patient with me as it was my first time getting prescribed glasses. 


In Memory Of 2016

A new year once again, it happened in a blink of an eye eventhough a total of 365 days have passed. When days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, everything seems to be a blur. 

One of the many things I've learned in the past year was that it's okay to be an organized mess. It's okay to be confused and frustrated at times because you are still learning every single day about yourself, people around you and how the universe works as a whole. You don't always need to have everything in place to pull through because one day you'll figure that no one is actually capable of being completely in control of what they are doing. Let loose and let the universe take its course, what is meant to be will be. 

In 2016, I've also learned how to follow my dreams and build something out of it. Dreams may seem far fetch at times but it is not impossible. I urge you to surround yourself with the right people that inspire you to become more than what you have ever imagined yourself to be. The reality of a dream does not happen overnight. Hard work, patience and a whole lot of failure & disappointment comes in between the light of success. 

Aside from that, I've learned to rid myself from people who only hold me down. We all deserve to grow at our own pace and to put it in the most selfish manner, you can't wait for anyone just because they aren't ready for growth. The truth is, it is difficult to completely rid yourself from them because they might have been somewhat memorable at some part of your life but slowly and surely, you will find yourself in a better light. You will be and can be much happier without them holding you off from much better plans in the near future. 

With this, 2017 I'm ready for you.  


Christmas with Cameron Highlands Resort

My weekend spent at Cameron Highlands Resort in conjunction with their beautiful Christmas Lighting Ceremony was just as amazing as I expected it to be. A beautiful colonial resort surrounded by nature and great weather. Cameron Highlands Resort remains to be one of my favourite place to unwind and relax in. 


We were picked up at Majestic Hotel KL by SUVs and from there, we made our merry way up the highlands. This wasn't my first time here but it was my first time celebrating an early Christmas in such a scenic town that screams festive just with its' chilly weather. 


We were welcomed with Strawberry juice and complimentary lunch. It was absolutely just what we needed after that long ride.


A cosy room that made me feel right at home. I even had the pleasure of reading up on the history of this beautiful highlands thanks to the complimentary books in my room. 


That night, we were treated to every Malaysian's favourite hotpot! Cameron Highlands had the perfect weather to have this in. Hot soup and a variety of everyone's favourites all in one big pot. 


Cameron Highlands Resort is where relaxation takes place. The beautiful spa located in the resort was everything I needed and more after the hectic weekend I had on It's The Ship.


A variety of different tea spas were offered at the spa in the resort. Rose has always been one of my favourite scents, hence, I went with that. They started off with an aromatic rose oil massage followed by a rose tea bath.


The rose tea bath was my absolute favourite. Immersing myself in flowers made me feel like a princess and the staff were all too sweet when it came to pampering me. 


After my relaxing spa time alone, it was time for high tea at the tea lounge. A variety of scones, sandwiches, cakes and strawberries were served on a 3-story platter for our indulgence. Cameron Highlands Resort fed me too well that weekend, I felt absolutely loved! 

That night we had a beautiful and grand Christmas feast with all the media personnels. It was definitely a feast to remember! 


The food served was absolutely delicious! To be frank, I've never had an authentic Christmas feast with turkey and pastry all together at once. I was so happy to have been able to experience such a grand feast all right here in the resort.


Right after the Christmas feast we headed out to the main entrance to prepare for the Christmas lighting ceremony. There were Christmas carols and a market filled with food & drinks. By the time the lights were on, Christmas felt like it was right then and there. One of the very few special moments I've had feeling so festive for Christmas. 


I had such an amazing time at Cameron Highlands Resort. It was such a spectacular event I got to witness and I most thankful to YTL Hotels for having me. Till next time! 

Watch my vlog for more! 



Asia's largest festival at sea was exactly a month ago! 4 days 3 nights onboard Mariner Of The Seas was epic. The cruise ship had a total of 14 floors if I'm not mistaken, including a few pools, hot tubs, a mall, rock climbing wall, basketball court etc. 


It's The Ship had literally EVERYTHING! Anything you want or need is on the ship. The first day had me so stunned because of how beautiful the cruise was. This was to be my home for 3 nights. 


First thing's first, you'd expect everyone to board there ship in orderly manner, check in to their cabin for a nap and wait till sundown to actually party but this isn't the case with It's The Ship. The minute you step foot past the immigration, party goers are chanting and getting ready to party with no sleep preferably for the next 4 days and 3 nights. I spent the night before partying in KL with Redza & a bunch of friends so we practically did not even get an ounce of sleep except for a 30 minute nap on the plane from KL to SG. We tried to stay strong but eventually fell asleep in our cabin till sundown and that's when we went all out. 


Truth be told, I don't think anyone would understand fully how to enjoy themselves at a party until they actually experience a festival once or twice in their lifetime. From Dada Life and Knife Party having a back-to-back live set to every mom's all time hottie back in the day, David Hasselhoff hosting the night at the main stage. 


Day 2, or should I say after a few hours of partying and another few hours of napping...we woke up for brunch and decided to chill by the pool with some beer, just casually starting our day fresh. 


Day 2 is when the weak gets sea sick and absolutely tired of alcohol and partying because they got too excited on day 1. Fret not, It's The Ship 2016 is a festival that does not only make sure your experience partying on the cruise is epic, but they also have it filled with side events where you can interact with some of the top celebrities in the music industry that's on board the party cruise as well. From belly flop competitions to barbecuing with the stars, your pick but make sure you're one of the first to sign up for it on day 1.


In between partying on the cruise, we made a stop at Penang and had the whole of Upper Penang Road to ourselves. Upper Penang Road is the Changkat in KL of Penang. It's filled with clubs and bars, everything you'd expect for good night out with your best mates. Livescape Asia outdid it this time with the really cool pimped up rickshaw bringing us to Upper Penang Road. 


From delicious Penang food to international music and people having a good time around you. Nothing beats good vibes and good company.


Day 3 was my favourite because Sunnery James Ryan Marciano, Marlo and Andrew Rayel's killed it with their live sets. 


That night all the party goers had the opportunity to dress up for the gala night hosted by David Hasselhoff. The best part of that night was when a bunch of us went from the dinner table to the casino to bet on my boyfriend to see if he'd win some cash AND HE DID. I swear to god, I was so stunned because I was getting pissy that he was wasting quite a bit of cash. Nevertheless, it was one of the highlights of the trip. 


One last party to commemorate It's The Ship 2016 was the Zoukout Sunrise Party. One last time with the shipmates from 2am to 7am, just in time for the last sunrise on board the Mariner Of The Seas. 


I absolutely can't wait for next year, an annual tradition until I decide sleep is way more important than the good nights I ought to miss. Much love to Livescape Asia, Gushcloud Malaysia and All Is Amazing!   

Watch this for more insights on It's The Ship 2016!


Food Escapades: Roofino Skydining @ Trillion KL

A brand new rooftop food escapade in the heart of KL with a beautiful view of the city, food & drinks to go with it. Roofino Skydining is a brand new Western restaurant & bar that I'd say is to be one of the next new hotspots thanks to its location.  

The rooftop restaurant & bar is located at opposite ends. My favorite part of the location is definetly still the bar lounge. A very relaxed ambiance to it, perfect for pictures!


The lounge was very relaxed with good music playing all night. It isn't your typical club or bar, I'd say it's much more classier than that. 


The restaurant on the other hand has a very vibrant ambiance to it. I'd say it's quite the opposite from the bar lounge but it's beautifully decorated as well with a nice rooftop garden to it.


As part of the media launch, we were the second batch of customers to try their food. I'm thankful for free flow drinks but an honest review is what I owe my readers. Hence, I would give the food a solid 6/10 as it definitely still needs work.

*Do take note that they just started so I'd say give them time to blossom. 


The baguette was a little cold and hard but I suspect it's because of the overwhelming amount of customers so I don't blame them. The taste of the toppings were very tasteful. 


Very tasteful but onions aren't my favorite so this wasn't something I had finished. 


Could have been better, I suspect the fish wasn't the freshest?  


My number one favorite dish! The garlic sauce they had on my steak was perfection. It went beautifully with my medium rare, very tender steak.  


A VERY small Raviolli dish, I expected more and for it to be freshly made Raviolli instead of the ones I get pre packed from the supermarket...


The dessert was my second favorite part! A beautiful mess indeed.  

Eager to try this new place out? Here's where it's located:

Roofino Skydining

34th Floor, Trillion KL, 338 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur