My Fitness Journey With BodyBoss

It's definitely been more than a while since high school ended. Gone were the days where I was actually involved in sports and always on my feet. I'm not gonna lie, I gained weight and it took some time for actual realisation. After high school, I was just always giving excuses not to exercise because of my hectic schedule. It came to a point where I could no longer fit nicely and look good in the clothes I used to. I got pretty upset and decided I'd finally do something about it. So here goes, my fitness journey with BodyBoss.


BodyBoss is a 12-Week Step-By-Step Fitness Program that includes fun and challenging high intensity workouts. High intensity workouts is also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It's a workout that maximises power and increases fat burning.


The training program by BodyBoss consists of 4 cycles designed to help people who want to shape up reach their optimal performance, power, fitness and fat burning. The best part? All the workouts are under 24 active minutes and you can do it anywhere at anytime for only 3 times a week.


The program is uniquely designed and highly structured to drive huge results in a short time. If you're not into carrying a hardcopy around, you can even order the online version. I got myself the hard copy because I wanted to have it around with me for future purpose, just in case technology fails me.


HIIT is definitely really challenging, even if you do it for a short period of time. You're constantly pumping your heart and that makes you really burn all that excess waste.                            

These workouts accelerate fat loss, torch calories and improve your fitness overall. You’ll also activate what is known as the afterburn effect known as the #Bossffect. This means a higher resting metabolic rate and more calories burned post-workout. You’ll burn fat even while you’re asleep!


5 Valuable Life Lessons I've Learned From Travelling

Travelling is something everyone needs to do at least once (I say the more the merrier) in their life. It takes you to a whole new level of open mindedness where you get to be in peace with yourself and others who are different from you as well. You learn so much when you're on a journey and those lessons stay with you for a lifetime. To me, that's priceless. Here's 5 things I've learned from travelling that I hope will ignite a spark in whoever's reading to travel. 

1. Risks Lead To The Most Mind-BLASTING Experiences

We often travel to places where postcards look the prettiest and news reports say its the safest. Risks don't happen because we all live in this bubble that we're too afraid to pop. Through personal experience, I think it's safe to say that all the risks I've taken to see what our beautiful world has to offer has been both an unforgettable lesson, experience and memory at the same time. I'm not saying I took the risk a 100% by choice, it was more of a broke but ambitious *cues forced laughter* sorta choice. I mean, cheap flights go to destinations that you don't usually hear about but when you're thirsty for some adventure, you grab it and go. Through all my broke ass adventures, I've realised how many underrated gems I've found in the world that people don't seem to know about. Aside from that, I've also done some pretty weird shit that I'm going to remember for the rest of my life and I have no regrets. TAKE RISKS, ISSA THANG. 

2. Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder

Who doesn't like the fanciest resort and a top notch destination to travel to? We often see luxury as beauty but in fact, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I've been to third world countries, stayed at budget hotels and still managed to amaze myself. From nature's finest, ancient architecture to the people, they're all so different, unique and beautiful in their own way. The world as you know it isn't just what's in front of you, it's all over you. Take time to explore the ruins of ancient temples, learn how to cook a traditional dish or even dress like a local from another country. These little exchange of cultures and human interaction radiates beauty. In time, you start to learn how to appreciate what the world has to offer and it doesn't just come from canapés and Mimosas. 

3. Fear Is All In Your Head

We all have fears, it's literally a thing, but here I am telling you it's all in your head. The mindset you've preset in that bubble of yours stops you from "crossing the line" to "protect yourself" from harm but I swear, some things are not as scary or crazy as it seems. I said I'd never jump off a bridge because I'm a certified scardy-cat but I went bungee jumping with my boyfriend on our first anniversary. I also almost puked when I saw fried bugs on the streets of Cambodia but hours later, my drunk-ass was having a fried snake and spider for my post-drinking supper. You don't have to be afraid to just let it go sometimes. Literally, #JustDoIt. 

4. You Learn To Appreciate The People Around You More

You don't always have to worry about what to eat, do, spend on etc. when you're in your bubble. There's always people who love you looking out for you when you're safely snuggled in there. Travelling, especially alone or with just a friend or two really takes you on another level of learning how to appreciate the details of everything. I've been travelling since I could even remember with family and everything has always been provided. I didn't have to worry or lift a finger, when I was hungry or wanted to shop I was always able to just by saying the magic word "PLEASE MOMMY/DADDY!". In 2017, I decided to attempt "adulting" and realised how hard it is to travel with your own hard earned money. You ration your food and the money spent on it because you don't wanna starve for the next few days that has yet to come, you don't shop impulsively because it's unnecessary and you think twice when an entrance fee is the price of your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Travelling gives you a sense of appreciation and makes you more thankful in the long run. 

5. I Can Be Beyonce Too! INDEPENDENT WOMAN.

I've never travelled without friends or family but I have been on media trips where they so kindly gave us a room to ourselves. I'm not one who likes to be alone, especially not in a foreign country with a hotel room that can fit 3 people that's mighty quiet at 12am. It takes time to get used to not having people around you to comfort you but the outcome of it is another level unlocked in life. I've been on two media trips and both times, beautiful huge rooms but just me. I was terrified of the monsters beneath my bed and the whack ass people that might try to break in but that was ALL IN MY HEAD. To be independent means you can handle shit on your own, you don't need someone babying you 24/7. If you need something, you go get it yourself despite the paranoia. You learn how to cook and clean up after your own mess and you progress from there. Travelling is life changing, trust me. 


AirAsia Now Flies To Nha Trang At Low Fares!

AirAsia has always been my number one choice when it comes to cheap flights to see the world. Not long ago I remember getting a notification on my AirAsia app saying that they now fly to Nha Trang. My initial thoughts were "where is Nha Trang?" but after some Googling, I realised that it was a beautiful beach town in Vietnam. To my surprise, Nha Trang resembles Gold Coast in Australia. There are reputable 5-star hotels planted alongside the main beach, street markets, plenty of bars & clubs and even a theme park! 


I took a chance based on all the pictures I've saw on Google and decided to just book a flight with Redza there next year for a short holiday. Amidst planning for our trip to Nha Trang next year, Air Asia surprised me and a few other bloggers on the first flight from Kuala Lumpur to Nha Thrang a few months back. I was so excited that I got a preview of the amazing town, it was just as what I had imagined from the pictures. 


It was not possible to get to this town before AirAsia launched their new route to Nha Trang, there was only an 11-hour train ride from Ho Chi Minh city. Imagine all that hours on a train versus a two hour flight straight from KLIA2! Aside from that, you can't compare an in-flight experience with a train. The flight was smooth sailing and we even got to stay connected thanks to the wifi onboard. AirAsia served us a delightful lunch on board and I can confidently say my favourite is the Biryani. Not to mention, the hot seats that we were provided were extra comfortable and with luck I even got a whole row to myself! 

Flight Schedule for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KUL) – Nha Trang, Vietnam (CXR):

Flight no   From    To      Departure   Arrival     Flight Schedule
AK204        KUL      CXR         1030            1135                 Daily
AK205        CXR      KUL         1200            1515                 Daily


If you're a seasoned traveller who likes to jump from one town to another city, Air Asia provides the optional Fly-Thru service connecting to other flights for their guests with their baggage checked-through to the final destination without the hassle of immigration clearance at the transit hub. With this optional service, guests can now travel to Nha Trang seamlessly from 14 cities in Asia and Australia such as from Johor Bahru, Penang, Singapore, Jakarta, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Changsha, Xi’an, Wuhan, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney, or Perth via Kuala Lumpur. AirAsia also connects guests to other cities in Vietnam including Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Hanoi. 

I can't say I'm not in love, I'm definitely looking forward to my next trip there in 2018! Stay tuned for a thorough guide then.


7 Things To Do & Places To Visit In Siem Reap, Cambodia

Southeast Asia is rich in culture and full of historical wonders. Last August, Redza and I decided to fly to Siem Reap, Cambodia for our 2nd year anniversary. While planning for a trip overseas, we honestly didn't think we'd conclude and agree on flying to Cambodia as it's not a place where people often talk about visiting like Bali or Phuket. The common question would be "what's there to do in Siem Reap, Cambodia aside from the Angkor Wat?". Well, you'd be amazed! Read on to find out about the adventures you can have in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

1. Learn Pottery At The Khmer Ceramics Fine Arts Centre


Redza & I had so much fun learning how to make our own ceramic bowls and plates out of clay. Pottery is such a relaxing fine art skill, it looks easy but it definitely takes a lot of patience. It costs 20USD per person if you pre book online and the best part is you can be a total amateur to join the class. The skilled potters are always on the look out to see if you need help and they'll guide you from A-Z so you can get the whole idea of how to do pottery the right way. The class is about an hour and 45 minutes, they have classes at 8am, 10am, 2pm and 4pm daily. This activity is great for families and couples, one of the plus points of this class is that you get free pick-up and drop off before and after class at your hotel! 

2. Have A Meal Or Two At Local NGO Restaurants 


NGO restaurants are common in Cambodia. They're usually set up by foreigners living in Cambodia who want to give back to society. I would say NGO restaurants are kinda like the "hipster cafes" aka they're surprisingly the most Gram-worthy ones. These restaurants and cafes hire locals who are suffering from poverty to work in their cafe or restaurant and pay them a fare wage. Aside from that, these eateries also donate a percentage of their profit to various causes in the country. It may come off a little pricier but do note that it's for a good cause! 

To visit: New Leaf Eatery & Sister Srey Cafe 

3. Let History Amaze You At The Angkor Heritage Park


Explore the ruins of the centuries old Khmer Empire in Siem Reap while you're there. The ruins consist of man made temples and kingdoms from stone. Inside, you'll find yourself amazed by the man made carvings on the wall and statues build from stone. Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and the Bayon Temple are famous sights you ought to see while you're there. Redza & I were so fascinated with the architecture that we were constantly in awe. Travelling to the Angkor Archaeological Park that houses the ruins of the Khmer Empire does not cost much unless you sign up for a tour. As we were on a budget, we decided to just book a remork that cost about USD25 in total for the journey there and back to our hotel. We disregarded any tours because we knew we could just rely on Google for information while we were on site. The only other thing we paid for was the one day entrance pass to enter the park. 

There a 3 types of passes for the park:

  • 1 day at USD37
  • 3 days at USD62
  • 7 days at USD72

Note: The main ticket sales office is at the Angkor Conservation Area on Charles de Gaulle road. All Angkor passes are available there.

4. Shop For Local Crafts At The Made In Cambodia Market


For those who love local handmade crafts, the Made in Cambodia Market is the place to be. An outdoor flea market with everything from decor to accessories. Not to mention, there are a few cafes around the area for a break from the shopping. Redza & I went during mid day and we cannot stress how bad an idea it was. Cambodia in general is scorching hot so if you plan to visit the market, the best time would be at night when the weather drops and the lights are all brightly lit up. 

5. Shop Like A Local In The Old Market 


The Old Market is where the locals shop for their fresh veg and meat at dawn. The market is located indoors and it's huge. Aside from fresh produce, they also have clothes, accessories, decor, arts & crafts, a salon and even a nail parlour inside. With a wide range of variety and an affordable price, this is the place to nab some souvenirs from Cambodia for tourists.

Tip: Never buy from the first store, scout around the market and enquire about the price along the way before making a decision. You never know but you might just get your goodies for a cheaper price! Also, make your grandma proud by bargaining all the way! Make sure you're paying a fair price for the goods you're getting. 

6. Have Local Cuisine For Only USD1! 


This is no false alarm! Food is cheap in Cambodia if you know where to eat. Eat where the locals eat, right outside the Old Market when night falls. A whole row of food stalls on remorks will be selling local cuisine for a minimum of USD1 only! I'm not kidding when I say you actually get a full meal at that price. Local cuisines to look out for is definitely the Fish Amok and Lok Lak. 

7. Drink And Party At Pub Street


Pub Street is where all the party goers come together at night for cheap drinks, loud music and strobing lights. The streets consists of restaurants, bars, clubs and stalls selling snacks. Our favourite bar/club would have to be Temple, a three story high bar/club that consists of a different ambiance on each floor. The first being a club, second a restaurant & bar and third being a bar with live music, beanbags and artificial grass to sit on and relax. After dark, at around 1am, just at the junction of Pub Street you'll find a row of neon lit remorks that are actually makeshift bars on-the-go! Serving up some real cheap cocktails and playing music off their laptops, they practically made their very own mini version of Pub Street right outside of it. Aside from that, among the neon lit row of bars on wheels lie a few stalls that sell fried bugs (YESSSSS, FRIED BUGS!). If you're up for it, give it a go! Redza & I tried a fried scorpion and snake while we were tipsy. No regrets there, the fried scorpion tasted like soft shell crab and the snake tasted like a really boney fish. 

Watch my travel vlog to Siem Reap here:



6 Places To Visit In Vietnam That You Never Knew Existed

Last month, Sheryl & I took a trip to Vietnam to explore the wonders that it hosts thanks to Packist - A new age E-travel “Packform”. Packist is essentially an online travel platform that assists travellers in finding the most suited and affordable package for their upcoming adventures with a secured online payment gateway. From tickets to theme parks, city cruises, unique experiences and more, Packist aims to be your one-stop-shop in terms of nailing everything you need for your travels. Moving on, here’s a few places you never knew existed in Vietnam that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime!

1. Explore The White & Red Sand Dunes Of Mui Ne


Who knew you could have a piece of Dubai’s glorious desert without actually being in Dubai? Located in the Southeast of Vietnam, Mui Ne - a beautiful beach resort town hosts sand dunes just like the ones in the Middle East. Sheryl & I had the pleasure of visiting both the White and Red Sand Dunes of Mui Ne. At the Red Sand Dunes, you’ll see locals trying to sell you their handmade plastic slides that you can use to slide down the bumpy desert for a thrill ride. They usually cost about USD2-4 if I’m not mistaken. Aside from that, the White Sand Dunes which is relatively larger would require tourists to rent an ATV to ride through the bumpy desert. The ride was very much like a roller coaster but definitely worth it! At the end of the endless desert, there’s a beautiful lake much like those you see in fairy tale movies.

2. Take A Stroll In The Magical Fairy Stream In Mui Ne


This whimsical soft red creek in Mui Ne is also known as the Fairy Stream. It is colored by particles of clay and limestone that filter in from the oddly shaped rock formations at its shores. The water of the stream is only about an ankles depth so there’s no hazard there. Sheryl & I took a stroll up the stream to take some pictures and even went off road up the hills for an entirely different view. The Fairy Stream is beautiful for pictures and that itself is the reason why hundreds of tourists visit every day.

3. Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane At Bao Dai’s Summer Palace In Da Lat

Photo 11-08-2017, 10 10 30 AM.jpg

Bao Dai was the late king of Vietnam and the last king of Vietnam’s feudal court. Da Lat, also known as the city of love in the highlands has amazing weather for retreat. The palace was built from 1933 to 1937 for the royal family to escape the Summer heat. The palace is now open for tourists to visit and it hosts an array of the late king’s treasures. Surrounding the palace is acres and acres of beautiful greenery, perfect for picture taking.

4. Go Wild In The Crazy House In Da Lat

Photo 11-08-2017, 10 44 02 AM_Fotor.jpg

The Crazy House in Da Lat was build by a Vietnamese architect that pursued her studies in architecture in Moscow, Russia. The Crazy House looks exactly like what you’d imagine if you went down the rabbit hole with Alice from Alice In Wonderland. There are different parts to the Crazy House, each with a theme that resembles a part of nature. From the forests, oceans to the antarctic, each section has an equally crazy theme to live up to the house’s name. The entire house consists of large trees, huge spider webs, gigantic mushrooms and more! Honestly, very trippy and very exciting to take pictures in. Not to mention, the Crazy House is also a bed and breakfast where travellers can actually stay in. Definitely an experience if you’re asking me!

5. Immerse Yourself In Nature In The Da Lat Flower Park

Photo 11-08-2017, 11 50 38 AM.jpg

The Da Lat Flower Park has the biggest selection of flowers in it. It is also host to the annual Flower Festival in Da Lat, Vietnam. A stroll down this park will make you feel like one with nature again. Sheryl & I had the best time going through each and every flower patch for pictures because they were all in full bloom. Aside from that, there are also cute bees and butterflies figurines in the park that. Not to mention, they put a lot of thought and creativity in the topiary surrounding the park. For those who love nature, here’s where you ought to be!

6. Shop At The Da Lat Market



The Da Lat Market is your one-stop-shop for local treats. Here, you’ll find an array of food stalls selling local delights. Not to mention, there are also a bunch of stalls selling clothes but mostly thick and knitted as the weather in Da Lat is relatively chilly. Sheryl & I found some cute sweaters here for sale and I even managed to get a ship in a bottle as decor for my room back at home for around RM15 after conversion. Things are generally cheap in the market, bargaining can get you a lower price as well so if there’s anywhere I’d recommend shopping at, it’s at this market.



17 Must-Eat Dishes And Snacks In Osaka & Kyoto, Japan

Untitled design.png

Japan is the land of mouthwatering sushi, sashimi, dessert and many more! You name it and the Japanese will put their heart and soul in it. I went to Japan in June with my family and had the best foodie experience of all time! Here's 17 must-eat dishes and snacks in Osaka and Kyoto you must not miss out on! 

1. Gyoza @ 551 Horai, Dining Court - Kansai International Airport


If you know me well enough, you'd know that I'm a huge fan of dumplings. The moment my family and I landed we headed straight for some food at the Dining Court in the airport. The first stall I stumbled upon was 551 Horai, a well known stall in the state for their dumplings. They have branches around the state as well. The dumplings are steamed and pan friend upon ordering so you get this box full of sizzling hot dumplings that makes your mouth water. The skin was not too thick nor too thin, the filling was generous and it had a bit of crunch to it as well. 

2. Torikawa Chips @ Tori Sanwa, Dining Court - Kansai International Airport


Chicken skin has been known to be fattening, oily but so delicious. Although I love it, I know I might just suffer a stroke from it one day. Hence, you gotta trust me when I say this fried chicken skin is worth an admission to the hospital. It's so crispy and the seasoning on it comes together so well with the fried chicken skin that I couldn't help but order more than twice. 

3. Cremia Soft Cream & Kobe Caramel Roll Cake @ Mother Moon Cafe Tempozan, Osaka


Give in to your sweet tooth here at Mother Moon Cafe in Tempozan located near the aquarium. The Cremia Soft Cream has a velvet and creamy texture to it that I couldn't resist falling in love with. Not to mention, the cone was this light butter biscuit that went perfectly well with it. The next thing you have got to try is the Caramel Roll Cake. The texture is so spongy and soft that it melts in your mouth within a few bites. It goes perfectly well with the caramel and cream, literally a perfect harmony in your mouth. 

4. Lobster Roll @ Luke's Lobster Shinsaibashi, Osaka


If you're a fan of shell food like me, especially lobsters, you ought to try this! Fresh lobster meat on a bun and you can have it on-the-go. I was so obsessed with the idea of it to the point that when I had it, I was falling head over heels in love with it. The lobster was so fresh, juicy, cooked just right and well seasoned. The bun was just an ordinary hot dog bun but thanks to the lobster it upgraded the dish overall. 

5. Takoyaki @ Dotonbori Konamon Museum, Osaka


Osaka is literally the land of Takoyaki. If you visit and don't at least have Takoyaki once during your trip, what are you really doing in Osaka? This Takoyaki is famous among the locals and tourists. Located in the heart of Dotonbori, you wouldn't be able to miss it with its big octopus signboard. The Takoyaki was cooked just right, not too overcooked and hard and not too undercooked and watery. Within the shop lot also consists of a Takoyaki museum so if you love this dish enough to want to know the history, this is where you ought to visit.

6. Grilled Crab Legs @ Kani Doraku Dotonbori, Osaka


The highlight of Dotonbori is the huge crab signboard. You can literally google Dotonbori and find a bunch of images with this huge crab in it. Kani Doraku is Dotonbori's most famous restaurant with the longest waiting list you could ever possibly imagine. My family and I tried to go in for dinner at 7pm but the waiting list was 4 hours long. Honey, I'm not about to starve till 11pm for dinner. Hence, the next best thing was this little stall outside the restaurant they set up for people who can't wait or afford a meal in there. Grilled crab legs for takeaway with no seasoning needed, the taste came from the fresh crab itself. Only downside was the meat was kinda little for the price we paid, guess that's what fame does to brands? 

7. Melon Pan With Ice-Cream @ Melon Pan Ice Dotonbori, Osaka


If you're an otaku, you'd know that Animes usually feature high school girls and their Melon Pan for break time. If you've ever wanted to try it because of an Anime, you're not the only one. I stumbled upon this green truck that's apparently really famous for their freshly baked Melon Pan topped with ice-cream. I literally lined for this in the rain because I was so determined to try it. My effort has not gone to waste, the bun was still warm and soft upon ordering. It had a subtle sweetness to it and it went so well with the green tea ice-cream I chose. It was the perfect dessert on-the-go!

8. Gudetama White Curry Rice & Rice, Gudetama Beef Don & Matcha Tiramisu @ Gudetama Cafe Umeda, Osaka


Gudetama the sad and lazy egg who's pretty much done with life as an egg is my spirit animal. The creators of Gudetama, Sanrio created a cafe dedicated to this cutie. The cafe serves local and fusion dishes with Gudetama as the main attraction. The curry was good, very well seasoned and spiced. Aside from that, my other favourites were the Beef Don because you can't go wrong with rice topped with beef and egg. To end my meal, one of the best desserts I had on the trip was this Green Tea Tiramisu. It was so creamy and refreshing, I couldn't stop myself. 

9. Green Tea Swiss Roll @ ARINCO Arashimaya, Kyoto


The roll cake here in Arinco is done differently. For people who want to eat their roll cake on-the-go, they serve it in the most unusual way that allows customers to enjoy it fuss free. The sponge cake comes in a rectangular shape and is topped with fresh cream, imagine a traditional roll cake but deconstructed. Aside from that, they also have the traditional roll cake which is highly raved about. The roll cakes here have been one of the best I've ever tasted. The sponge and cream is so light you could never get sick of it.

10. Warabimochi @Higashiyama District, Osaka


Warabimochi is a unique kind of Mochi that's different from the traditional kind. It is made from a special type of flour that makes it very light. It is served topped with green tea powder or kinako (soy bean) powder. I had this while walking up to the temple and another one down the temple. It was so refreshing as well because the Warabimochi had such a water-jelly like consistency to it. 

11. Cinnamon Green Tea Cream Puff @ Yatsuhashi Cream Puff Higashiyama District, Kyoto


This cream puff was mind-blowing. They serve you freshly baked hot puff filled with either the original cream filling or the green tea one depending on your selection. The best part of the puff is not just the fact that it's freshly baked, it's also the fact that it's cinnamon based. The fragrance of the cinnamon paired with the cream and pastry did a little dance in my mouth before I swallowed. 

12. Minions Pizza @ Universal Studios Japan, Osaka


The Minions Pizza is only served in USJ. I think I was most fascinated by how the pizza was topped with corn and questioned if it would taste good as a whole. The Minions definitely proved to me that corn on pizza is a wonderful pairing. It didn't taste odd, it even gave a good crunch to it while having the pizza. 

13. Hello Kitty Pork Bun @ Universal Studios Japan, Osaka


Imagine devouring this cutie! Well worth it tho, sorry not sorry. The Hello Kitty steamed bun had minced pork filling in it. The meat was juicy and well marinated. It leaned more towards a traditional Chinese meat bun more than anything else and who doesn't love a good steamed bun?

14. Minions Choco-Banana Churro @ Universal Studios Japan, Osaka


If you're a fan of churros, this is one unique one you ought to try! This Minion themed churro has a chocolate base and is topped with banana sprinkles and icing. The churros were kinda hard but still chewy enough to get a churro-kick. The banana icing and sprinkles also went well with the chocolate.

15. XL Turkey Leg @ Universal Studios Japan, Osaka


Unleash the hungry monster in you with this XL Turkey Leg only available in USJ! I swear the gluten in me came out and devoured it. It was so juicy and tender, the flavour was just bursting in my mouth. My brother and I were literally fighting like cave men for this drumstick. 

16. Butter Beer @ Universal Studios Japan, Osaka


If you're a Harry Potter fan I'm sure you know what a Butter Beer is and have always been wanting to try it! The Butter Beer is exclusive to USJ and its Harry Potter theme parks only. The Butter Beer was creamy and sweet, it had an odd texture for a drink but it wasn't bad or anything. Since I wasn't a fan of carbonated drinks, one was enough to just check it off my to-do list. 

17. DIY Cup Noodles @ The Instant Ramen Museum Ikeda, Osaka


The instant noodle museum is where you get an eye opening experience of how cup noodles were made and how many cup noodles Japan has actually produced over the years. From the different flavours to the different packaging, it was amazing! In the museum, tourists were also allowed to DIY your own instant noodle. By doing-it-yourself, you get to pick the soup base, the toppings and also design your own cup with markers! A fun filled experience that you don't want to miss. 


An Open Letter To Josh Lim...

Dear Josh Lim,

Where do I begin...I met you when I was 15 at the first event I was invited to cover as a blogger. I attended the event with my mom because she was carrying out parenting duties at the time as I was still underage. You and my mom spoke beforehand and you claimed to be this person with vast connections that could help me grow. My mom got excited and thought it would be nice to introduce me to you. We subsequently added each other on Facebook and reconnected when you bumped into me in the same club I was in to watch my boyfriend spin when I was 18. You started messaging me on Facebook and WhatsApp, trying to get me to meet up with you because you wanted to "help me grow". I'll admit, I was naive and I did meet up with you at the cafe I was working at then. The first thing that disgusted me was how you scanned me from top-to-toe with a pervy smile throughout our entire meeting. Secondly, it was the fact that you kept mentioning that you saw my picture on a famous sugar daddy seeking website even after I told you time and time again that I have no knowledge of my picture being used on that site and that it was a case of stolen identity. You didn't believe me till the very end and told me how it was totally okay to have a sugar daddy and that you could provide me with what I wanted. Despite me pressing on the fact that I had a boyfriend I very much liked to stay together with, you disregarded it and continued to be disrespectful towards me and my relationship. You even told me to unlock my phone to search the app on my display screen to prove that I wasn't the one behind the account. I passed the test and you were so disappointed it disgusted me. 

I for one am not the kind of person who has the time to be petty and involve myself in unnecessary drama. You for one, are the type. I have never once called you out for disrespecting me and I still tried to reply your messages when necessary. One can only take so much until they reach their peak. Here's me calling you out because I have reached my peak and I need everyone to know what kind of person you are because you have done enough damage. Josh Lim, I am done with your bullshit. 

A few days ago you posted a Facebook status regarding a sponsored trip to Vietnam that needed travel bloggers to cover:

And here's me responding to it because who doesn't like to travel for work \(._.)/:

Here's you confirming me as one of the travel bloggers on board:

Here's him promising an allowance of RM200 per day for a 5 day trip:

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.50.56 PM.png

Here's you being a dick and not replying decently to someone whom you've just hired to work and wants updates on her damn trip so she knows she's not going to be trafficked to be a sex slave: 

Here's you letting me know that you've decided to bail through a damn Facebook status. No fucking decency or courtesy whatsoever: 

Here's you not having the decency to reply me until I decided to be stern with you. Even then you didn't provide me details of the person I should liaise with. I had to subsequently find my own way to contact the agency to get information. The best part? They didn't even know Joshieee here decided to bail. Not to mention, the fact that he asked me for commission was so unprofessional. If you were truly a professional middle man like you claim to be then work something out with the client before presenting the job to the blogger or influencer: 

Here's me finding out that this was the budget allocated from the travel agency. After Josh decided to bail, I recommend a friend who was also a photographer to join me on my trip. Thing is, Josh needs to pay for her air ticket and transfer the allowance to us because he bailed: 

But Josh is not doing shit about it and it's making us real mad:

The fact that I wasn't about to get paid at all was the peak of all the shit you have thrown at me, Josh. Don't waste my fucking time and get your job done:

My friend won't know if she gets to fly or not if you don't fucking respond, Josh: 

I got so fed up that I decided to fuck my allowance and use it to get a ticket for my friend to come along with me because I would rather feel at ease with someone I'm close to than in a foreign country feeling like I'm about to choke on the stress you've put on me:

After hours of being MIA, you posted this crack ass status with our beloved PM's name. Honestly, what the fuck for and are you high?! :

Here's you telling me your phone got disabled, honestly no one cares just get shit done because you fucked up: 

Fair enough you can't do online banking because you need the TAC code to successfully transfer funds but why the fuck did you cash the money the agency gave you TO GIVE ME out of the damn bank? AND WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU JUST CASH OUT AND CASH INTO MY DAMN ACCOUNT? #LOGIC :

Where's the damn courtesy? I need an update on the payment not a fucking FB status update on your broke ass junkie life that is in deep shit now: 

And let's take a step back to wonder why Josh needs someone else to transfer him money to be able to pay me if THE AGENCY HAS ALREADY GIVEN HIM SUFFICIENT FUNDS TO PAY ME. Kudos to you tho, I received my RM100 on PayPal but I'm still wondering why it's possible to transfer me RM100 but not the full amount. Unless, you're hinting that you're a broke ass because you used money that did not belong to you for your own personal agenda? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that a con? or like a theft? I'm not sure, you tell me: 

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 12.59.47 AM.png

No idea what kinda crack you're on but literally no one gets why the fuck the prime minister is the cause of your phone being barred or disabled. Truly, everyone just thinks you haven't paid your damn bill for 6 months straight. Hence why the number isn't even in fucking service anymore:

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 1.05.41 AM.png

Desperately trying to sell off his assets to "raise funds", is it just me or is this starting to be fucking suspicious: 

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 1.14.46 AM.png

No one is giving me hope that I'll get the money I deserve from the work I'll be doing because you basically stole it. Here's his response to Johnni and someone concerned telling me he was in the same situation as me as well: 

So dear Josh, you're fucking 34. Don't tell me you need a 19 year old to write a damn open letter to call you out on how to be a fucking decent human being. Where the fuck are your morals and work ethics? Everyone is done with the shit you're pulling. You don't get to get away with fucking people over time and time again and assume a few "connections" can save your ass. Get you immature ass to rehab, apologise to the people who actually care about you, apologise to the people you've fucked over, get a damn job because selling followers and data should be illegal and pay the fuck up. 


A Night In Avillion Port Dickson

Mid week blues seem to be concurrent every week for me and I constantly imagine myself on a holiday while going back and forth university and work. Last week, my prayers were answered when Avillion Port Dickson invited Redza & I for a nights' stay. I was ecstatic for a beach vacay even though it was just an hour away from KL. 

Avillion Port Dickson has been around for a decade, applying the concept of a fishing village as inspiration for the theme and design of this beautiful luxury boutique resort. I loved that they had two different kinds of chalets such as, Garden Chalets and Water Chalets each to suit your own personal liking. We got the Water Chalet and I loved how they were equipped with our very own private balcony looking out to the sea, a sort of semi al-fresco kind of shower room which was surprisingly relaxing, oh-so comfortable beds and bathtub for me to bomb bath bombs in! 

Our chalet had a day bed that was by the window looking out to the clear blue seas. 

Our chalet had a day bed that was by the window looking out to the clear blue seas. 

We checked in after an hour's drive from KL to PD and took a swim in the pool surrounded by shady palm trees and serenity. 

We checked in after an hour's drive from KL to PD and took a swim in the pool surrounded by shady palm trees and serenity. 

That evening, we were welcomed at the AviLounge where the AviSpa is for welcoming drinks and sunset for a view. By far my favourite spot in the resort! 

That evening, we were welcomed at the AviLounge where the AviSpa is for welcoming drinks and sunset for a view. By far my favourite spot in the resort! 

Dinner was served in a buffet style due to the Ramadan month. There was an array of choice when it came to Malay food but to be very honest it was pretty basic. There was a live band all through dinner that was pretty entertaining I would say.

The resort also has plenty of amenities and activities to choose from. From a karaoke room, petting farm, Orchid garden, bar to fishing from any possible balcony that leads to the sea is all possible! Redza and I loved the fishing part, we were out in the balcony at night trying to catch a fish or two but failed miserably. Even so, we had such a memorable time together laughing and attempting to fish. 

One last dip in the pool before we leave this short but sweet paradise! 

One last dip in the pool before we leave this short but sweet paradise! 

The next morning we headed down for breakfast and an early morning swim before we checked out. Breakfast again was mediocre but since we extended our check out, we had room service for lunch and I must say that the pizza was delicious! I think the pizza I had for lunch in my room was the best and Redza couldn't agree more. 

Overall, my stay in Avillion Port Dickson was perfect. It was everything I needed and more to cure my mid week blues. I've been here years ago and they have upgraded a thing or two since.  Redza and I loved every bit of this trip, I guess you could say company matters to when it comes to going on a holiday.