An Open Letter To Josh Lim...

Dear Josh Lim,

Where do I begin...I met you when I was 15 at the first event I was invited to cover as a blogger. I attended the event with my mom because she was carrying out parenting duties at the time as I was still underage. You and my mom spoke beforehand and you claimed to be this person with vast connections that could help me grow. My mom got excited and thought it would be nice to introduce me to you. We subsequently added each other on Facebook and reconnected when you bumped into me in the same club I was in to watch my boyfriend spin when I was 18. You started messaging me on Facebook and WhatsApp, trying to get me to meet up with you because you wanted to "help me grow". I'll admit, I was naive and I did meet up with you at the cafe I was working at then. The first thing that disgusted me was how you scanned me from top-to-toe with a pervy smile throughout our entire meeting. Secondly, it was the fact that you kept mentioning that you saw my picture on a famous sugar daddy seeking website even after I told you time and time again that I have no knowledge of my picture being used on that site and that it was a case of stolen identity. You didn't believe me till the very end and told me how it was totally okay to have a sugar daddy and that you could provide me with what I wanted. Despite me pressing on the fact that I had a boyfriend I very much liked to stay together with, you disregarded it and continued to be disrespectful towards me and my relationship. You even told me to unlock my phone to search the app on my display screen to prove that I wasn't the one behind the account. I passed the test and you were so disappointed it disgusted me. 

I for one am not the kind of person who has the time to be petty and involve myself in unnecessary drama. You for one, are the type. I have never once called you out for disrespecting me and I still tried to reply your messages when necessary. One can only take so much until they reach their peak. Here's me calling you out because I have reached my peak and I need everyone to know what kind of person you are because you have done enough damage. Josh Lim, I am done with your bullshit. 

A few days ago you posted a Facebook status regarding a sponsored trip to Vietnam that needed travel bloggers to cover:

And here's me responding to it because who doesn't like to travel for work \(._.)/:

Here's you confirming me as one of the travel bloggers on board:

Here's him promising an allowance of RM200 per day for a 5 day trip:

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.50.56 PM.png

Here's you being a dick and not replying decently to someone whom you've just hired to work and wants updates on her damn trip so she knows she's not going to be trafficked to be a sex slave: 

Here's you letting me know that you've decided to bail through a damn Facebook status. No fucking decency or courtesy whatsoever: 

Here's you not having the decency to reply me until I decided to be stern with you. Even then you didn't provide me details of the person I should liaise with. I had to subsequently find my own way to contact the agency to get information. The best part? They didn't even know Joshieee here decided to bail. Not to mention, the fact that he asked me for commission was so unprofessional. If you were truly a professional middle man like you claim to be then work something out with the client before presenting the job to the blogger or influencer: 

Here's me finding out that this was the budget allocated from the travel agency. After Josh decided to bail, I recommend a friend who was also a photographer to join me on my trip. Thing is, Josh needs to pay for her air ticket and transfer the allowance to us because he bailed: 

But Josh is not doing shit about it and it's making us real mad:

The fact that I wasn't about to get paid at all was the peak of all the shit you have thrown at me, Josh. Don't waste my fucking time and get your job done:

My friend won't know if she gets to fly or not if you don't fucking respond, Josh: 

I got so fed up that I decided to fuck my allowance and use it to get a ticket for my friend to come along with me because I would rather feel at ease with someone I'm close to than in a foreign country feeling like I'm about to choke on the stress you've put on me:

After hours of being MIA, you posted this crack ass status with our beloved PM's name. Honestly, what the fuck for and are you high?! :

Here's you telling me your phone got disabled, honestly no one cares just get shit done because you fucked up: 

Fair enough you can't do online banking because you need the TAC code to successfully transfer funds but why the fuck did you cash the money the agency gave you TO GIVE ME out of the damn bank? AND WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU JUST CASH OUT AND CASH INTO MY DAMN ACCOUNT? #LOGIC :

Where's the damn courtesy? I need an update on the payment not a fucking FB status update on your broke ass junkie life that is in deep shit now: 

And let's take a step back to wonder why Josh needs someone else to transfer him money to be able to pay me if THE AGENCY HAS ALREADY GIVEN HIM SUFFICIENT FUNDS TO PAY ME. Kudos to you tho, I received my RM100 on PayPal but I'm still wondering why it's possible to transfer me RM100 but not the full amount. Unless, you're hinting that you're a broke ass because you used money that did not belong to you for your own personal agenda? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that a con? or like a theft? I'm not sure, you tell me: 

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 12.59.47 AM.png

No idea what kinda crack you're on but literally no one gets why the fuck the prime minister is the cause of your phone being barred or disabled. Truly, everyone just thinks you haven't paid your damn bill for 6 months straight. Hence why the number isn't even in fucking service anymore:

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 1.05.41 AM.png

Desperately trying to sell off his assets to "raise funds", is it just me or is this starting to be fucking suspicious: 

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 1.14.46 AM.png

No one is giving me hope that I'll get the money I deserve from the work I'll be doing because you basically stole it. Here's his response to Johnni and someone concerned telling me he was in the same situation as me as well: 

So dear Josh, you're fucking 34. Don't tell me you need a 19 year old to write a damn open letter to call you out on how to be a fucking decent human being. Where the fuck are your morals and work ethics? Everyone is done with the shit you're pulling. You don't get to get away with fucking people over time and time again and assume a few "connections" can save your ass. Get you immature ass to rehab, apologise to the people who actually care about you, apologise to the people you've fucked over, get a damn job because selling followers and data should be illegal and pay the fuck up. 


A Night In Avillion Port Dickson

Mid week blues seem to be concurrent every week for me and I constantly imagine myself on a holiday while going back and forth university and work. Last week, my prayers were answered when Avillion Port Dickson invited Redza & I for a nights' stay. I was ecstatic for a beach vacay even though it was just an hour away from KL. 

Avillion Port Dickson has been around for a decade, applying the concept of a fishing village as inspiration for the theme and design of this beautiful luxury boutique resort. I loved that they had two different kinds of chalets such as, Garden Chalets and Water Chalets each to suit your own personal liking. We got the Water Chalet and I loved how they were equipped with our very own private balcony looking out to the sea, a sort of semi al-fresco kind of shower room which was surprisingly relaxing, oh-so comfortable beds and bathtub for me to bomb bath bombs in! 

Our chalet had a day bed that was by the window looking out to the clear blue seas. 

Our chalet had a day bed that was by the window looking out to the clear blue seas. 

We checked in after an hour's drive from KL to PD and took a swim in the pool surrounded by shady palm trees and serenity. 

We checked in after an hour's drive from KL to PD and took a swim in the pool surrounded by shady palm trees and serenity. 

That evening, we were welcomed at the AviLounge where the AviSpa is for welcoming drinks and sunset for a view. By far my favourite spot in the resort! 

That evening, we were welcomed at the AviLounge where the AviSpa is for welcoming drinks and sunset for a view. By far my favourite spot in the resort! 

Dinner was served in a buffet style due to the Ramadan month. There was an array of choice when it came to Malay food but to be very honest it was pretty basic. There was a live band all through dinner that was pretty entertaining I would say.

The resort also has plenty of amenities and activities to choose from. From a karaoke room, petting farm, Orchid garden, bar to fishing from any possible balcony that leads to the sea is all possible! Redza and I loved the fishing part, we were out in the balcony at night trying to catch a fish or two but failed miserably. Even so, we had such a memorable time together laughing and attempting to fish. 

One last dip in the pool before we leave this short but sweet paradise! 

One last dip in the pool before we leave this short but sweet paradise! 

The next morning we headed down for breakfast and an early morning swim before we checked out. Breakfast again was mediocre but since we extended our check out, we had room service for lunch and I must say that the pizza was delicious! I think the pizza I had for lunch in my room was the best and Redza couldn't agree more. 

Overall, my stay in Avillion Port Dickson was perfect. It was everything I needed and more to cure my mid week blues. I've been here years ago and they have upgraded a thing or two since.  Redza and I loved every bit of this trip, I guess you could say company matters to when it comes to going on a holiday. 




Zarrel, Your Infinite Closet!

Former beauty queen who's an entrepreneur, emcee, model and a friend of mine, Yvonne recently just started up Zarrel, an infinite closet online alongside Ken & Sue Jinn, her friends and I'm head over heels in love with the concept of it! 

Wearing the vintage Vilem Blossom

Wearing the vintage Vilem Blossom

Wearing the Pelagia Dress

Wearing the Pelagia Dress

Zarrel is the FIRST infinite closet in Malaysia where subscribers pay an introductory monthly subscription fee of only RM168 to enjoy all the clothes on! More clothes, less hoarding, honestly what's there not to love? I find this concept especially intriguing because I'm the kind of person who'd only wear an outfit once unless it's a basic piece which can be styled up or down, over and over again. Zarrel is giving me an array of choices without any hassle of fully committing to it and who doesn't love a no-strings-attached kinda relationship, especially when it comes to the ever evolving fashion industry? All you need to do is send the parcel of clothes back when you're done with it, best part is you don't even need to wash it! 

Found a piece that you'd like to keep? No worries! You can opt to borrow and try the dress on first before you decide to purchase the clothes. It's hard to resist not owning a gem when you see one so Zarrel has got you covered! 

Wearing the Printed Tie Blouse

Wearing the Printed Tie Blouse

Zarrel is currently carrying brands such as Pinkals, Sara Joe, Style Annexe, VEClassic and Whitesoot! Stay tuned because brands like Aria The Label, On A Cloudy Day, One-Ra by Dynas, Peppermint Avenue, 6Two7, Yoco, KODZ and more will be joining this infinite closet soon! 







Can Ya'll Get Your Shit Together?!

It's 2017, literally 3 more years to our ever anticipated Wawasan 2020 where we expect our beloved country to be considered an advanced one by then. But then again, it's in 3 more years and I don't see us being even close to achieving the title and here's exactly why:  

1. We've been building all these LRTs for the convenience of our citizens but have you noticed how inconvenient it is to get a student or elderly MyRapid card? I usually take the Kelana Jaya LRT line and let me enlighten you. Did you know that you can only SIGN UP and GET IT from the Pasar Seni LRT station? And for what fucks would I end up at Pasar Seni for no apparent reason if I'm only commuting in between Petaling Jaya. Can you also imagine if I were a tourist staying stations away from Pasar Seni and having no reason to go all the way there but having no choice because I NEED to get that tourist MyRapid card for my travels...#whatthefuck

2. Train stations accept Touch & Go but only certain stations provides top up services. Again, what the fuck do I do if I need to top up and you tell me to go find the nearest 7 Eleven because this station doesn't have the means to acquire the fucking technology to let commuters top their fucking Touch & Go up?!  I know 7 Eleven's aren't hard to find but WHY DO I HAVE TO when ya'll supposed to be more competent than this. #GETYOURSHITTOGETHER 

3. Tolls are bullshit. No, not the fact that I have to pay for some rich ass developers effort for building the citizens a highway to hell and back but the fact that tolls are trying to be all advanced and NOT ACCEPT CASH ANYMORE! It's Malaysia, do you really expect everyone to be so mindful that they have to go get themselves a Touch & Go, remember to check their balance and top up everytime. Hell, most Malaysians don't even know their IC's can be used as a Touch & Go! Take me for an example, I only found out a year ago and I don't even need to use the toll for my daily commute but somehow Waze always fucks me up especially when I don't have enough balance in my Touch & Go. I remember this one time I had not enough cash to top up for my Touch & Go and I was stuck on the NKVE.  I was supposed to just drop a friend off at Sungai Buloh and I took a shortcut from Kota Damansara that didn't pass through the toll but somehow when I headed back, Waze brought me on the NKVE. My dumb ass was panicking and trying tell the lady at the toll that I have RM8.50 in cash and I know that the minimum to top up is RM10 but can you just let me off by just paying cash or accepting a top up of RM8.50. It wasn't like I was flat broke but the system's just fucked up. And so, I wasn't allowed to pass the toll but instead asked to stop by the SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY AT NIGHT to call someone TO BRING ME RM1.50 SO I CAN TOP MY FUCKING TOUCH & GO UP! Do you read? Do you see how ridiculous this is...

4. Why the fuck do we only have one lane at the toll on the far left to top our Touch & Go's up? I've encountered a handful of times where cars literally have to reverse back out of the lanes because they didn't realise that their balance was out or low. Most of the time, counters handling Touch & Go or Smart Tags have no capability of helping drivers top their Touch & Go's up and assistants there would just ask you to reverse and drive AGAINST TRAFFIC HORIZONTALLY to go to the far left to top their fucking Touch & Go up. Are ya'll dumb or just plain useless I can't tell? Is there no way you can make lives easier or at the least safer for us all? 

5. Why doesn't the newly built MRT connect to most of the other main LRT lines? The only place I can go to connect is probably KL Sentral which makes no sense because I have no means to go to KL. I literally might as well drive if it's going to be so inconvenient. 





Celebrate Hari Raya With 1 Utama


The theme "Sinaran Sanubari Syawal" this year is all about a mother's hardship and perseverance towards her family. 

Treat your loved ones this Raya and redeem a set of glass canister on the same day with a minimum spend of RM500 (RM300 for ONE CARD members). 

*Min 2 combined receipt


Guess what? One Utama even has its own online shop now! Head over to ONESHOP.COM.MY from 12-28 June and be rewarded with RM10 e-Duit Raya for every RM150 spent on the site. 


This Hari Raya come celebrate with 1Utama. With around 23 vendors in both wings of the mall and a small massage parlour to relax after all that shopping at the Oval, you are bound to have a pleasant experience here this Raya. 


There will be a line up of activities and contests this festive season for you and your loved ones to participate and enjoy! 

*Join the Mark & Spencer Selfie/Video Instagram contest from the 1-30th June and stand a chance to win RM100 worth of Mark & Spencer cash vouchers. Don't forget to #1utama and tag 1Utama! *T&C applies.


What are you waiting for? You know where to go! 




That “Social Media Influencer” Life

It's been a while and I honestly haven't had the motivation or drive to write or even edit the videos I've filmed for the past month or so. I can't say that I've been busy so, in a nutshell I've just been lazy.  

Today's topic: Social Media Influencers *jeng jeng jeng* 

As someone who surfs the net, I'm sure it's not something new to you. The term “social media influencer” is so overly used due to the escalating amount of people claiming to be, it's nauseating. Truth be told, even I cringe when I get called that. It's not because of what “social media influencers” do as a whole that makes me cringe, it's the fact that so many people who don't deserve to hop onto the bandwagon has. 

Now, let's break down the term SOCIAL MEDIA and INFLUENCER



websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.



a person who has the power to influence others and their decisions. 

Essentially, a “social media influencer” inspires others to be like them (e.g. by using the products they use, dressing like them, sharing the same viewpoint, creating beautifully curated content, travelling etc.). BUT, it seems like ANYONE can be a “social media influencer” at this point of time. All you need to do is be mediocre to extremely good looking or hot (aka have good genes or have money to hire a good surgeon) to become a “social media influencer” and this just makes the whole industry look like a joke. 

Social media does not only mean INSTAGRAM. There are people I know who continuously create amazing and creative content on their blogs and YouTube channels but do not get enough credit for it compared to a pretty face who has an account on Instagram. We need to stop over hyping people who are just mediocre and start discovering dark horses amidst the bullshit. 

To be so blunt, it just isn't fair for budding talents. I know so many people who get so disappointed when they put their all on their creative work online but someone else gets the hype and praise for just taking a selfie. Aside from that, we've got all these dissatisfied people voicing out their negative opinions on the whole “social media influencer” craze because it appreciates a pretty face more than a talented creative. And thanks to all that overhyped mediocre "social media influencers” who drove the dissatisfaction of these unsafisfied people, actual people who use social media to inspire others are getting bashed too as they somehow fall into the same category of “social media influencer”. 

Can we not come up with a different term because this is getting hella MESSY!

If you asked me what I thought about my “status” as a “social media influencer”, I would say I'm on the fence. I push myself to create content that hopefully people will enjoy so that I don't fall into the category of just another mediocre to pretty girl on Instagram. However, I also understand how hard it is to constantly churn up creative work that people want to read or see (hence, why I wasn't bothered for the past month because I was too lazy). And when I don't work hard enough to be creative, I end up leaning in to the category I would really prefer not to be in.

Gone are the days where I actually enjoyed empty and materialistic praises. Can we talk about more important things, share life hacks or empower each other? 

These are my thoughts, what are yours? 


Top 4 Places To Visit In Krabi, Thailand

I'm finally done with college and I decided to take a break for a few days in Krabi, Thailand! I got to explore quite a few places in Krabi that was honestly quite an eye opener. Here's a list of places I think would be great for any young/young at heart travellers to visit! 

1. Take a stroll along Ao Nang Beach...


Personally, I think that Ao Nang Beach is more of a jetty where boats pick travellers up to travel to the nearby islands. I don't think it's a safe place to swim in because of the number of incoming boats. It is however, a beautiful place to sit and watch the sunset. Aside from that, there is a whole stretch of food, drinks and souvenir stores across the beach. Grab a cocktail, beer and some snacks while you sit back and relax. 

2. Take a long tail boat to Phra Nang Cave Beach.


Take a long tail boat at 200 Baht per person (two way) to Phra Nang Cave Beach, one of Railay's Peninsula Beaches. A breathtaking view of nearby islands across the Andaman Sea with crystal clear water. There are floating hawkers on long tail boats parked across the far end of the beach for refreshments. Not to mention, kayaking and rock climbing is available as well! Besides being able to enjoy the sun and sea, the Phra Nang Cave is also an amazing site to explore. A beautiful shrine is set up for the princess/goddess named Phra Nang who is said to offer safe travels and fertility. Offerings such as Lingams are offered to the princess/goddess of the cave for such purpose. 

3. Watch the cabaret show at Blue Dragon Cabaret!


It was my first time watching a cabaret show and I must say, it was quite entertaining! 500 Baht per pax inclusive of a mineral water was considered on par with the performance they gave us. The lady boys were beautiful, costumes were lavish and full of feathers. Something I'd recommend first timers! 

4. Enjoy a kinky night at Nova Club! 


One of the strip club's in Centerpoint Ao Nang, a well know place filled with bars and clubs of the dodgiest yet exciting kind. Nova Club is one of the more well known strip clubs we decided to explore. The fun only starts after 12 midnight so make sure you come at the right time! Drinks are cheap but beware, some of the girls demand payment for company or might even pressure you into buying a whole load of drinks you can't finish. 

Other strip clubs to recommend: Sabina Bar & Pub (right across Nova Club in Centerpoint, Ao Nang)

These were by far my favourite places in Krabi but don't forget to check out my vlog for a more extensive view of Krabi! 


Top 8 Places To Visit In Chiang Mai

It's 2017 and I've decided to stop writing trip diaries but instead let you guys know a little bit more on where and what to do at the countries I've visited based on first hand experience. I was recently in Chiang Mai, Thailand with my family and I'm thrilled to be letting you guys know that I had so much fun! Chiang Mai is such an underrated part of Thailand that no one actually thinks twice about but the scenic views, good food and great weather will blow your mind! 

1. Take a closer look at the majestic elephants at Maesa Elephant Camp.


Maesa Elephant Camp is a privately owned elephant conservation centre. 


It has a total of 80+ elephants in their idyllic forest setting with a waterfall welcoming you as you enter. I personally love this place because all the elephants are treated so gently by their caretakers. These elephants are also super adorable with the little tricks they have up their sleeve. You'll definitely have a great time watching these majestic animals bathe, draw, play soccer and do cool tricks.

2. Behold, the temple made of gold...Wat Phra That Doi Suthep.


Hidden up on the hills lay a beautiful temple made out of pure gold. Overlooking the city on its mountain throne, this sacred temple is known by all of Chiang Mai. The traditional architecture is breathtaking. The staircase up the golden temple is flanked by mosaic serpents and has about 300+ steps that challenges you to workout for a good view for sure! 

3. Appreciate the local craft at SA Paper & Umbrella Making Centre.


Drop by the paper and umbrella making centre in Chiang Mai to catch the making of traditional paper fans and umbrellas by the pros. A very interesting factory with a wealth of education through the art & process of paper & umbrella making. There are various spots in and out of the factory that are filled with photo opportunities as well. Not to mention, a variety of designs and price range to the paper umbrellas they make, I think it's perfect for a souvenir! 

4. Discover and learn about a whole new culture at Karen Long Neck Hill Tribe Settlement.


Discover the undiscovered at the Karen Long Neck Hill Tribe Settlement. These native tribes have been decreasing in size as the new era approaches. It was such a unique experience to see and learn about their way of life. The Karen girls believe that long necks are a sign of beauty, hence, why they wear layers & layers of thick metal neck cuffs to elongate their necks. In modern day Karen Tribe culture, these metal neck cuffs are worn from a young age until they hit puberty. Upon hitting puberty, they are given an option to give it up or continue wearing them for the rest of their lives. Women who wear them past puberty are unable to take them off ever again as their neck will collapse without the support of the metal cuffs. Support the cultural village by purchasing handmade goods from the tribesmen. It is their only source of income as natives who want to preserve their culture. 

5. Get some snacks at Warorot Market.


A food haven, get your local treats here! What you cannot miss out at this market is definitely the fried silk worms and pig skin. I know it sounds odd but trust me, it's an adventure for your taste buds! The best time to explore this market is from morning to noon. Shops usually close in the evening. Explore the corners of the market and you might find some clothes and hidden gems as well! One of my favourite places for food and goods. 

6. Enjoy a chill night out with good food and drinks at Ploen Ruedee Night Market.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 12.57.57 PM.png

Ploen Ruedee Night Market is a brand new night market/outdoor food court in Chang Kian Road. With almost everything from authentic Thai food to Mexican tapas, each and every store is designed beautifully to suit the theme of their cuisine. Food and drinks are extremely cheap and not to mention, the quality of it was not compromised. The night market also has live band throughout the night and bean bags for their customers to feel right at home. If you walk out of the night market and along the streets, you'll be able to find rows and rows of stalls set up selling clothing, souvenirs, hand made goodies and more! 

7. Shop for some souvenirs and clothing at the Kalare Night Bazaar.


The Kalare Night Bazaar is filled with souvenir shops, boutiques and little hawkers. One of the best places to shop for yourself and others. From handmade crafts to local treats, everything you need is in one place. Not to mention, it is a great place for families to hang out and spend quality time together. The place isn't too hectic and everything is pretty much in order for your comfort. 

8. Observe and enjoy the company of animals like you've never before at the Chiang Mai Night Safari.


I have not been a fan of zoos since I was a kid. I didn't like how the environment was for the animals caged for human amusement. Animal safaris not the other hand are amazing if you enjoy observing animals while knowing you're not paying for animal mistreatment. The only animal safaris I've been to were in Korea & Singapore. Chiang Mai impressed me with their amazing night safari that I ought to say was definitely bigger and better than the one in Singapore. It has a large variety of animals we could observe and even hand feed. The animals were not caged and were allowed to roam freely in the beautiful forest-like setting. This is definitely an attraction not to miss!