The Best Fish Pie To Date Is From Bryn Williams At Porth Eirias

It was a chilly weekend when I decided to go on a little road trip with Felix and his family to Wales. We settled in a quaint town by the Rhos-on-Sea in their lovely holiday cottage. The weekend was filled with long walks by the beach, memorable movie nights and delicious food. The food I had on our little getaway was so exceptional that I just had to share, this being one of it.


Bryn William is a chef from Wales that’s best known for being the sous chef that beat established and well-known chefs on Great British Menu (TV Programme) when it came to cooking the fish course for the Queen's 80th birthday celebrations.


This new bistro by the sea shore of Colwyn Bay is his second establishment and had already been awarded a Michelin Star. Given the seaside location, fresh seafood dishes are only expected and that’s exactly what we went for.


The bistro’s large glass facade offers customers a beautiful view of the Irish Sea and the modern interior alongside the open kitchen really gets you in the mood for the food that’s about to be served.


You don’t get seafood a lot in England unless you’re far out by the sea therefore mussels was a must for starters because Felix & I both couldn’t resist a good pot of stewed mussels (£8/16). Paired with a basket of aromatic bread (£3), it was like the best love story ever told.

However, halfway through our starter I realised there was a mussel that hadn’t been particularly well cleaned so I notified the waiters. They were quick to respond with a replacement of another pot of mussels for us. For that, I’d say the service was amicable from the moment we entered the door to the time we left and I was in awe.


Following the delicious starter we had, we ordered a fish pie for two (£30). It somewhat stood out from the rest although I’ve never been a huge fan of fish pie because of how pungent it can smell sometimes. Felix on the other hand loves it and since I was mildly drawn to it, we decided why not.

And to this date, that would have been the best fish pie I’ve ever had. It says on the menu that it’s meant for two but it could really feed 3/4 pax if you’re not dreadfully starving. The fish pie was divine and was absolutely stuffed to the brim with the freshest fish. We got huge chunks of fish with every bite we took. The sauce was not overwhelming at all and the mash on top was beautifully done. It had a crispy first bite and a soft buttery finish.

I’ve never wanted to go back for more fish pie until now but the ride is a long way from home so I guess I’ll have to keep it as a special treat when and if I get the chance to go back. Would you give this place a visit? Let me know in the comments below!

Bryn Williams Porth Eirias

Porth Eirias,
The Promenade,
Colwyn Bay, Conwy, North Wales,
LL29 8HH 

Tel: 01492 577 525