An Experience At Berlin’s Infamous Sex Club - KitKatClub

Oh my days, Berlin has been wonderful so far. I’m not even out of the country yet but I literally had such a good night I couldn’t wait to share it.  

Where do I even begin? KitKatClub is a notorious techno night club that opened its doors in 1994 by Austrian pornographic film maker Simon Thaur and his life partner Kirsten Krüger.

The venue consists of three dance floors and an outdoor area with a pool. It is decorated with ultra-violet light and fluorescent coloured paintings.


The niche about this club is that it’s all about SEX. You heard me! For starters, you have to be 18 and above to enter. Dress code wise, undress. After you line in the cold for possibly hours, you get in and you get checked. The receptionist will need to see what you’ve got under those layers and you’ll have to strip and have it kept in the coat room. If you’re BASIC, get out. Spice things up with preferably any sort of fetish, latex, leather, kinky, high style or glamor. I went as a naughty school girl in lingerie while Felix went as the teacher who couldn’t keep his pants on 🤷🏻‍♀️ (no judgement here, anything to ensure entry am I right?)

Door policy wise, if you come as a couple you’re more likely to get in than with a bunch of lads or basic girlfriends who are overly excited trying to “casually” check it out. If you’re wondering what sort of people go to sex clubs, well you have a mix of heterosexuals and homosexuals. In the club you’ll see an eclectic mix of people and the diversity is amazing! Consent wise, everyone is very respectful. No one will try to “feel you up” without asking if you want to engage with them beforehand. 

Enter with an open mind because there will be a lot of sex happening around you, gimps wanking off to other people having sex, BDSM everywhere and everything on the sex bible is there if there ever was one. 

Last but not least, if you think you can come here just to get laid, you’re better off trying Tinder or a normal club because they make it clear that although it’s a sex club, it’s for people who actually have an interest in the whole idea of the club and respect for the type of people inside.


1. The best nights are on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s packed but that’s when you’ll see it all. Sunday’s are slightly mellow but less crowded and more space for fun. Depends how you like it!  

2. While in the queue to enter, make sure you don’t get too drunk waiting, make too much noise or even remotely try to use your phone because you’ll instantly be rejected.  

3. No phones allowed in queue, outside the club and clearly inside as well.  

4. Practice safe sex, condom vending machines are everywhere so stay safe and communicate as well. 

5. It’s a club that allows smoking indoors so keep that in mind if you’re a non-smoker who might be bothered about the smell.

 “What happens in Kitty, stays in Kitty!”