How My Birth Control Made Me Gain Weight

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My journey to become fit hasn't been that long but, I am truly proud of how far I've come. I've never really talked deeply about how I gained weight so, here's a breakdown of basically what went down. 

I've never been "the skinny girl", I've always had curves that were slightly off proportion. And, I guess being active in high school sorta made me make sure I maintained the illusion of my size. However, fast forward to a year after high school, I gained weight drastically and was truly in denial. My excuses when close friends and family made a remark that I looked bigger was always along the lines of being bloated, gassy and water retention. However, I don't think everyone truly knew what and how I started gaining weight drastically. You see, I had just got myself on the implant. For most of you who don't know what an implant is, it is a sort of birth control. In a nutshell, most birth control messes with your hormones. Therefore, even if I wasn't prone to gaining weight drastically, the hormones accelerated my "growth" intensely. 

For those who are still clueless about the implant, it is a small flexible stick that releases hormones bit by bit that 99.9% cancels out your possibility of getting pregnant during the maximum 3 year time period it is in use. Birth control methods are high suggested if you've been with the same partner for over a long period of time. Of course, all birth controls have their pros and cons. This pro was that I didn't have to constantly be reminded to take a pill or have monthly appointments to the clinic. Not to mention, the implant is in my arm. However, the cons that most women have to go through when on the implant is weight gain, depression, break outs and more. 

P.S.  I definitely would not suggest any other sort of birth control except condoms if you're jumping partners because condoms are the only STD proof birth control.

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Honestly, I thought I was lucky when there were no negative symptoms shown for the first 6 months. But, I was clearly wrong. After those amazing 6 months came my ultimate hell. I gained so much weight and I looked like a cheeseball wrapped in dumpling skin when I tried to fit in a tight fitting dress I wore for my birthday the year before. 

The moment of self realisation was real, too real. I phased out, panicked, wondered if I would ever be able to bounce back to the body size I was before. I did what any clueless, insecure and panicky teen would do by starving myself. However, that didn't turn out well. It just made me bigger. I used to be able to eat almost anything and everything I wanted but now, self-control IS REAL. 

Honestly, if you're asking if I've had any regrets at all for getting the implant, I'd say no. It has done me more good than bad but of course, the consequences had to be dealt with. And, if you're asking why I decided on the implant versus my beauty when my significant other could have easily slipped on a condom, I'd say cost efficient and convenience. Anyways, if any of you girls out there are struggling with this issue and would like me to touch on it more, I'd be happy to help!