What To Do And Where To Go In Nha Trang, Vietnam

This is my second time to Nha Trang and most definitely one of my most memorable trips abroad. This time around I went with my love for a little getaway for 4 days and 3 nights. The water was crystal clear and the skies were so bright and blue, everything about this gem of a place took my breath away. Among everything that Nha Trang has to offer, here are a few that I personally think is truly worth the time and money. 

1. Spa Treatments At The Fusion Resort Cam Ranh


On our first night, we had the pleasure of staying at The Fusion Resort, a private beachside and spa resort. Among the beautiful architecture and amazing service the resort had to offer, my favourite part of all is that they offer TWO complimentary spa treatments PER DAY to every guest in the resort. Their extensive spa menu made it hard for us to even pick two a day as there were so many other treatments we would have loved to try! 

2. Dining At Skylight Nha Trang


Skylight Nha Trang is a beautiful rooftop avenue that consists of a 360 sky deck, restaurant, bar, club and more! On one of the evenings, Redza treated me to dinner at the Chef's Club Restaurant on the rooftop avenue. The choices on the menu were decent, however, nothing out of the ordinary. Price wise I'd say mid range, after conversion it was around RM30 and up for a dish. I'd say the part that was the most enticing would be the view and concept of the place. I'd recommend it for drinks more so than dinner. Also, if you enjoy parties, I hear they throw amazing ones on the Rooftop Beach Club. 

3. A Visit To Vinpearl Land


A theme park, water park, resort, golf course and more. Vinpearl Land is a newly developed island off Nha Trang for all your entertainment and relaxation needs. However, first things first. I enjoyed the view and the various themed gardens and greenhouses they had for show but not the rides in the theme park. It is not fully developed yet, hence, I would recommend people to only start going when it's officially completed. The rides at the theme park are just like any pop up fun fair rides, don't expect much. The waterpark however seems a lot more interesting but we weren't able to participate in any of the activities because we had this bright idea of not wanting to get wet. Honestly, would have made the trip there more worth it if we brought out swimwear. 

4. Sunset At The Intercontinental Hotel's Pool & Private Beach Area


Catch the sunset after a whole day's worth of exploring by the Tran Phu beach or have a swim in the pool of Intercontinental Hotel. The beach is where everyone throws a towel over the sand and just sit back and relax. The sunset is like no other and the water's clearer than ever. At no cost, it was probably the most romantic evening I had. Around the beach you'd also find some sellers walking around with fruits or grilled seafood for sale. Have a snack and watch nature put on a show. Thankfully we had the privilege of staying in Intercontinental Hotel where we were provided beach chairs to lay on, an umbrella to shade us and amazing service from the crew. 

5. Bar Hop Around Tran Phu Street


Excuse our cute intoxicated faces but bar hopping in Tran Phu was amazing! We started off at a Russian club by the name of Z Club with performances happening, Guru Sports Bar where all the travellers gathered to watch football, Sailing Club where they had a nice ambiance to Qui where they had amazingly crafted cocktails. These are just a few of the more known ones on Tran Phu Street but overall, if you like drinking or partying, you can find exactly what you need here. 

6. Affordable Shopping At Dam Market


Dam Market comes alive at about 4am each morning, it starts off with the wet market selling fresh poultry, vegetables and more. As the day goes by, around noon you'll start to see other vendors open up selling clothing, shoes, bags, traditional wear, decor and more! It is basically a shopping haven and prices are defiantly way cheaper than night markets tourists often go in swarms to. The market is huge so take your time to really compare prices if you have the time and get all your souvenirs before you fly off. 

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