A Road Trip To Singapore With My Love

In February, Redza & I decided to drive to Singapore for a short holiday while we attended our friend's wedding.


To our surprise, driving there is actually so much more fun and affordable as compared to a flight there! We only spent around RM200 for petrol, toll and immigration fees. Not to mention, road trips with your favourite company can never be dull. 

It was nearly a six hour drive because of the heavy rain throughout our journey but when we finally made it to The Quincy Hotel in Orchard we were more than delighted! The rooms were spacious, they had complimentary parking, mini bar and quite a number of fun activities catered to couples as well! 


The next day we were up bright and early for our friend's wedding. It was our first time at a church for a wedding and the experience was beautiful! After the wedding, Redza and I decided to head back to the hotel to raid the complimentary mini bar and float around on the rooftop pool.


I love easy going vacations, laying back and just enjoying each other's company. At around late noon, the hotel had a cookie making class for couples and we decided to participate. Although it was quite a short one where we just had to mix all the ingredients prepped prior to us participating, it was pretty fun to do it with your significant other!


On our second night, we drove to Marina Bay Sands to check out the Marina Prudential Carnival. I feel like going to a carnival for a date is on every basic girl's to-do list. No hate, the basic girl in me had so much fun! I also have to note that although Singapore's cafe/street food is incredibly pricey for a Malaysian, it was WORTH ALL MY MONEY. I don't know why some of my Singaporean friends complain!

P.S. I'd like to give Klook a huge shoutout for being so easy to use and book fun activities on-the-go while I'm travelling! 

There were so many carnival games to choose from but sadly, we sucked at them. Out of all of them, we only managed to win a Spider-Man plushie from the easiest possible game. 

The overall trip was pretty chill, we didn't do much but we had so much time to just unwind and enjoy each other's company. Honestly, short breaks like these is what everyone needs once in a while! The next day, we headed home and roamed Johor for a bit before the long drive back to KL.