The One I Will Always Love


It started with laughter that made my cheeks hurt and stomach cramp up. It continued with an understanding and tolerance so deep that we were so sure we were two halves made to find each other. We pulled through because we weren’t just lovers but the best of friends as well. We had an amazing bond like no other and people always found it hard to understand what was so special between us.

You are the calm after the storm. You are the deep breaths I need when anxiety hits. You are the extra energy I need to pull through. You were never the most romantic, gestures as such weren’t your forte. Instead, the beauty of us was how we could be our true selves with one another with no doubt at all.

You will always be the one that I could properly picture spending my life with. You will always be the one I made the best memories with. You will always be the one who tried his best to shelter me from life’s woes. You will always be the one so special I want to keep but have to let go.

You will and always be my soulmate. I’ll see you when I see you, and if it’s meant to be it will be my love.