An Open Letter To Josh Lim...

Dear Josh Lim,

Where do I begin...I met you when I was 15 at the first event I was invited to cover as a blogger. I attended the event with my mom because she was carrying out parenting duties at the time as I was still underage. You and my mom spoke beforehand and you claimed to be this person with vast connections that could help me grow. My mom got excited and thought it would be nice to introduce me to you. We subsequently added each other on Facebook and reconnected when you bumped into me in the same club I was in to watch my boyfriend spin when I was 18. You started messaging me on Facebook and WhatsApp, trying to get me to meet up with you because you wanted to "help me grow". I'll admit, I was naive and I did meet up with you at the cafe I was working at then. The first thing that disgusted me was how you scanned me from top-to-toe with a pervy smile throughout our entire meeting. Secondly, it was the fact that you kept mentioning that you saw my picture on a famous sugar daddy seeking website even after I told you time and time again that I have no knowledge of my picture being used on that site and that it was a case of stolen identity. You didn't believe me till the very end and told me how it was totally okay to have a sugar daddy and that you could provide me with what I wanted. Despite me pressing on the fact that I had a boyfriend I very much liked to stay together with, you disregarded it and continued to be disrespectful towards me and my relationship. You even told me to unlock my phone to search the app on my display screen to prove that I wasn't the one behind the account. I passed the test and you were so disappointed it disgusted me. 

I for one am not the kind of person who has the time to be petty and involve myself in unnecessary drama. You for one, are the type. I have never once called you out for disrespecting me and I still tried to reply your messages when necessary. One can only take so much until they reach their peak. Here's me calling you out because I have reached my peak and I need everyone to know what kind of person you are because you have done enough damage. Josh Lim, I am done with your bullshit. 

A few days ago you posted a Facebook status regarding a sponsored trip to Vietnam that needed travel bloggers to cover:

And here's me responding to it because who doesn't like to travel for work \(._.)/:

Here's you confirming me as one of the travel bloggers on board:

Here's him promising an allowance of RM200 per day for a 5 day trip:

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.50.56 PM.png

Here's you being a dick and not replying decently to someone whom you've just hired to work and wants updates on her damn trip so she knows she's not going to be trafficked to be a sex slave: 

Here's you letting me know that you've decided to bail through a damn Facebook status. No fucking decency or courtesy whatsoever: 

Here's you not having the decency to reply me until I decided to be stern with you. Even then you didn't provide me details of the person I should liaise with. I had to subsequently find my own way to contact the agency to get information. The best part? They didn't even know Joshieee here decided to bail. Not to mention, the fact that he asked me for commission was so unprofessional. If you were truly a professional middle man like you claim to be then work something out with the client before presenting the job to the blogger or influencer: 

Here's me finding out that this was the budget allocated from the travel agency. After Josh decided to bail, I recommend a friend who was also a photographer to join me on my trip. Thing is, Josh needs to pay for her air ticket and transfer the allowance to us because he bailed: 

But Josh is not doing shit about it and it's making us real mad:

The fact that I wasn't about to get paid at all was the peak of all the shit you have thrown at me, Josh. Don't waste my fucking time and get your job done:

My friend won't know if she gets to fly or not if you don't fucking respond, Josh: 

I got so fed up that I decided to fuck my allowance and use it to get a ticket for my friend to come along with me because I would rather feel at ease with someone I'm close to than in a foreign country feeling like I'm about to choke on the stress you've put on me:

After hours of being MIA, you posted this crack ass status with our beloved PM's name. Honestly, what the fuck for and are you high?! :

Here's you telling me your phone got disabled, honestly no one cares just get shit done because you fucked up: 

Fair enough you can't do online banking because you need the TAC code to successfully transfer funds but why the fuck did you cash the money the agency gave you TO GIVE ME out of the damn bank? AND WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU JUST CASH OUT AND CASH INTO MY DAMN ACCOUNT? #LOGIC :

Where's the damn courtesy? I need an update on the payment not a fucking FB status update on your broke ass junkie life that is in deep shit now: 

And let's take a step back to wonder why Josh needs someone else to transfer him money to be able to pay me if THE AGENCY HAS ALREADY GIVEN HIM SUFFICIENT FUNDS TO PAY ME. Kudos to you tho, I received my RM100 on PayPal but I'm still wondering why it's possible to transfer me RM100 but not the full amount. Unless, you're hinting that you're a broke ass because you used money that did not belong to you for your own personal agenda? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that a con? or like a theft? I'm not sure, you tell me: 

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 12.59.47 AM.png

No idea what kinda crack you're on but literally no one gets why the fuck the prime minister is the cause of your phone being barred or disabled. Truly, everyone just thinks you haven't paid your damn bill for 6 months straight. Hence why the number isn't even in fucking service anymore:

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 1.05.41 AM.png

Desperately trying to sell off his assets to "raise funds", is it just me or is this starting to be fucking suspicious: 

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 1.14.46 AM.png

No one is giving me hope that I'll get the money I deserve from the work I'll be doing because you basically stole it. Here's his response to Johnni and someone concerned telling me he was in the same situation as me as well: 

So dear Josh, you're fucking 34. Don't tell me you need a 19 year old to write a damn open letter to call you out on how to be a fucking decent human being. Where the fuck are your morals and work ethics? Everyone is done with the shit you're pulling. You don't get to get away with fucking people over time and time again and assume a few "connections" can save your ass. Get you immature ass to rehab, apologise to the people who actually care about you, apologise to the people you've fucked over, get a damn job because selling followers and data should be illegal and pay the fuck up.