6 Places To Visit In Vietnam That You Never Knew Existed

Last month, Sheryl & I took a trip to Vietnam to explore the wonders that it hosts thanks to Packist - A new age E-travel “Packform”. Packist is essentially an online travel platform that assists travellers in finding the most suited and affordable package for their upcoming adventures with a secured online payment gateway. From tickets to theme parks, city cruises, unique experiences and more, Packist aims to be your one-stop-shop in terms of nailing everything you need for your travels. Moving on, here’s a few places you never knew existed in Vietnam that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime!

1. Explore The White & Red Sand Dunes Of Mui Ne


Who knew you could have a piece of Dubai’s glorious desert without actually being in Dubai? Located in the Southeast of Vietnam, Mui Ne - a beautiful beach resort town hosts sand dunes just like the ones in the Middle East. Sheryl & I had the pleasure of visiting both the White and Red Sand Dunes of Mui Ne. At the Red Sand Dunes, you’ll see locals trying to sell you their handmade plastic slides that you can use to slide down the bumpy desert for a thrill ride. They usually cost about USD2-4 if I’m not mistaken. Aside from that, the White Sand Dunes which is relatively larger would require tourists to rent an ATV to ride through the bumpy desert. The ride was very much like a roller coaster but definitely worth it! At the end of the endless desert, there’s a beautiful lake much like those you see in fairy tale movies.

2. Take A Stroll In The Magical Fairy Stream In Mui Ne


This whimsical soft red creek in Mui Ne is also known as the Fairy Stream. It is colored by particles of clay and limestone that filter in from the oddly shaped rock formations at its shores. The water of the stream is only about an ankles depth so there’s no hazard there. Sheryl & I took a stroll up the stream to take some pictures and even went off road up the hills for an entirely different view. The Fairy Stream is beautiful for pictures and that itself is the reason why hundreds of tourists visit every day.

3. Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane At Bao Dai’s Summer Palace In Da Lat

Photo 11-08-2017, 10 10 30 AM.jpg

Bao Dai was the late king of Vietnam and the last king of Vietnam’s feudal court. Da Lat, also known as the city of love in the highlands has amazing weather for retreat. The palace was built from 1933 to 1937 for the royal family to escape the Summer heat. The palace is now open for tourists to visit and it hosts an array of the late king’s treasures. Surrounding the palace is acres and acres of beautiful greenery, perfect for picture taking.

4. Go Wild In The Crazy House In Da Lat

Photo 11-08-2017, 10 44 02 AM_Fotor.jpg

The Crazy House in Da Lat was build by a Vietnamese architect that pursued her studies in architecture in Moscow, Russia. The Crazy House looks exactly like what you’d imagine if you went down the rabbit hole with Alice from Alice In Wonderland. There are different parts to the Crazy House, each with a theme that resembles a part of nature. From the forests, oceans to the antarctic, each section has an equally crazy theme to live up to the house’s name. The entire house consists of large trees, huge spider webs, gigantic mushrooms and more! Honestly, very trippy and very exciting to take pictures in. Not to mention, the Crazy House is also a bed and breakfast where travellers can actually stay in. Definitely an experience if you’re asking me!

5. Immerse Yourself In Nature In The Da Lat Flower Park

Photo 11-08-2017, 11 50 38 AM.jpg

The Da Lat Flower Park has the biggest selection of flowers in it. It is also host to the annual Flower Festival in Da Lat, Vietnam. A stroll down this park will make you feel like one with nature again. Sheryl & I had the best time going through each and every flower patch for pictures because they were all in full bloom. Aside from that, there are also cute bees and butterflies figurines in the park that. Not to mention, they put a lot of thought and creativity in the topiary surrounding the park. For those who love nature, here’s where you ought to be!

6. Shop At The Da Lat Market

 Source: http://www.timetogrowuptravel.com/

Source: http://www.timetogrowuptravel.com/

The Da Lat Market is your one-stop-shop for local treats. Here, you’ll find an array of food stalls selling local delights. Not to mention, there are also a bunch of stalls selling clothes but mostly thick and knitted as the weather in Da Lat is relatively chilly. Sheryl & I found some cute sweaters here for sale and I even managed to get a ship in a bottle as decor for my room back at home for around RM15 after conversion. Things are generally cheap in the market, bargaining can get you a lower price as well so if there’s anywhere I’d recommend shopping at, it’s at this market.