Can Ya'll Get Your Shit Together?!

It's 2017, literally 3 more years to our ever anticipated Wawasan 2020 where we expect our beloved country to be considered an advanced one by then. But then again, it's in 3 more years and I don't see us being even close to achieving the title and here's exactly why:  

1. We've been building all these LRTs for the convenience of our citizens but have you noticed how inconvenient it is to get a student or elderly MyRapid card? I usually take the Kelana Jaya LRT line and let me enlighten you. Did you know that you can only SIGN UP and GET IT from the Pasar Seni LRT station? And for what fucks would I end up at Pasar Seni for no apparent reason if I'm only commuting in between Petaling Jaya. Can you also imagine if I were a tourist staying stations away from Pasar Seni and having no reason to go all the way there but having no choice because I NEED to get that tourist MyRapid card for my travels...#whatthefuck

2. Train stations accept Touch & Go but only certain stations provides top up services. Again, what the fuck do I do if I need to top up and you tell me to go find the nearest 7 Eleven because this station doesn't have the means to acquire the fucking technology to let commuters top their fucking Touch & Go up?!  I know 7 Eleven's aren't hard to find but WHY DO I HAVE TO when ya'll supposed to be more competent than this. #GETYOURSHITTOGETHER 

3. Tolls are bullshit. No, not the fact that I have to pay for some rich ass developers effort for building the citizens a highway to hell and back but the fact that tolls are trying to be all advanced and NOT ACCEPT CASH ANYMORE! It's Malaysia, do you really expect everyone to be so mindful that they have to go get themselves a Touch & Go, remember to check their balance and top up everytime. Hell, most Malaysians don't even know their IC's can be used as a Touch & Go! Take me for an example, I only found out a year ago and I don't even need to use the toll for my daily commute but somehow Waze always fucks me up especially when I don't have enough balance in my Touch & Go. I remember this one time I had not enough cash to top up for my Touch & Go and I was stuck on the NKVE.  I was supposed to just drop a friend off at Sungai Buloh and I took a shortcut from Kota Damansara that didn't pass through the toll but somehow when I headed back, Waze brought me on the NKVE. My dumb ass was panicking and trying tell the lady at the toll that I have RM8.50 in cash and I know that the minimum to top up is RM10 but can you just let me off by just paying cash or accepting a top up of RM8.50. It wasn't like I was flat broke but the system's just fucked up. And so, I wasn't allowed to pass the toll but instead asked to stop by the SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY AT NIGHT to call someone TO BRING ME RM1.50 SO I CAN TOP MY FUCKING TOUCH & GO UP! Do you read? Do you see how ridiculous this is...

4. Why the fuck do we only have one lane at the toll on the far left to top our Touch & Go's up? I've encountered a handful of times where cars literally have to reverse back out of the lanes because they didn't realise that their balance was out or low. Most of the time, counters handling Touch & Go or Smart Tags have no capability of helping drivers top their Touch & Go's up and assistants there would just ask you to reverse and drive AGAINST TRAFFIC HORIZONTALLY to go to the far left to top their fucking Touch & Go up. Are ya'll dumb or just plain useless I can't tell? Is there no way you can make lives easier or at the least safer for us all? 

5. Why doesn't the newly built MRT connect to most of the other main LRT lines? The only place I can go to connect is probably KL Sentral which makes no sense because I have no means to go to KL. I literally might as well drive if it's going to be so inconvenient.