5 Valuable Life Lessons I've Learned From Travelling

Travelling is something everyone needs to do at least once (I say the more the merrier) in their life. It takes you to a whole new level of open mindedness where you get to be in peace with yourself and others who are different from you as well. You learn so much when you're on a journey and those lessons stay with you for a lifetime. To me, that's priceless. Here's 5 things I've learned from travelling that I hope will ignite a spark in whoever's reading to travel. 

1. Risks Lead To The Most Mind-BLASTING Experiences

We often travel to places where postcards look the prettiest and news reports say its the safest. Risks don't happen because we all live in this bubble that we're too afraid to pop. Through personal experience, I think it's safe to say that all the risks I've taken to see what our beautiful world has to offer has been both an unforgettable lesson, experience and memory at the same time. I'm not saying I took the risk a 100% by choice, it was more of a broke but ambitious *cues forced laughter* sorta choice. I mean, cheap flights go to destinations that you don't usually hear about but when you're thirsty for some adventure, you grab it and go. Through all my broke ass adventures, I've realised how many underrated gems I've found in the world that people don't seem to know about. Aside from that, I've also done some pretty weird shit that I'm going to remember for the rest of my life and I have no regrets. TAKE RISKS, ISSA THANG. 

2. Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder

Who doesn't like the fanciest resort and a top notch destination to travel to? We often see luxury as beauty but in fact, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I've been to third world countries, stayed at budget hotels and still managed to amaze myself. From nature's finest, ancient architecture to the people, they're all so different, unique and beautiful in their own way. The world as you know it isn't just what's in front of you, it's all over you. Take time to explore the ruins of ancient temples, learn how to cook a traditional dish or even dress like a local from another country. These little exchange of cultures and human interaction radiates beauty. In time, you start to learn how to appreciate what the world has to offer and it doesn't just come from canapés and Mimosas. 

3. Fear Is All In Your Head

We all have fears, it's literally a thing, but here I am telling you it's all in your head. The mindset you've preset in that bubble of yours stops you from "crossing the line" to "protect yourself" from harm but I swear, some things are not as scary or crazy as it seems. I said I'd never jump off a bridge because I'm a certified scardy-cat but I went bungee jumping with my boyfriend on our first anniversary. I also almost puked when I saw fried bugs on the streets of Cambodia but hours later, my drunk-ass was having a fried snake and spider for my post-drinking supper. You don't have to be afraid to just let it go sometimes. Literally, #JustDoIt. 

4. You Learn To Appreciate The People Around You More

You don't always have to worry about what to eat, do, spend on etc. when you're in your bubble. There's always people who love you looking out for you when you're safely snuggled in there. Travelling, especially alone or with just a friend or two really takes you on another level of learning how to appreciate the details of everything. I've been travelling since I could even remember with family and everything has always been provided. I didn't have to worry or lift a finger, when I was hungry or wanted to shop I was always able to just by saying the magic word "PLEASE MOMMY/DADDY!". In 2017, I decided to attempt "adulting" and realised how hard it is to travel with your own hard earned money. You ration your food and the money spent on it because you don't wanna starve for the next few days that has yet to come, you don't shop impulsively because it's unnecessary and you think twice when an entrance fee is the price of your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Travelling gives you a sense of appreciation and makes you more thankful in the long run. 

5. I Can Be Beyonce Too! INDEPENDENT WOMAN.

I've never travelled without friends or family but I have been on media trips where they so kindly gave us a room to ourselves. I'm not one who likes to be alone, especially not in a foreign country with a hotel room that can fit 3 people that's mighty quiet at 12am. It takes time to get used to not having people around you to comfort you but the outcome of it is another level unlocked in life. I've been on two media trips and both times, beautiful huge rooms but just me. I was terrified of the monsters beneath my bed and the whack ass people that might try to break in but that was ALL IN MY HEAD. To be independent means you can handle shit on your own, you don't need someone babying you 24/7. If you need something, you go get it yourself despite the paranoia. You learn how to cook and clean up after your own mess and you progress from there. Travelling is life changing, trust me.