My Fitness Journey With BodyBoss

It's definitely been more than a while since high school ended. Gone were the days where I was actually involved in sports and always on my feet. I'm not gonna lie, I gained weight and it took some time for actual realisation. After high school, I was just always giving excuses not to exercise because of my hectic schedule. It came to a point where I could no longer fit nicely and look good in the clothes I used to. I got pretty upset and decided I'd finally do something about it. So here goes, my fitness journey with BodyBoss.


BodyBoss is a 12-Week Step-By-Step Fitness Program that includes fun and challenging high intensity workouts. High intensity workouts is also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It's a workout that maximises power and increases fat burning.


The training program by BodyBoss consists of 4 cycles designed to help people who want to shape up reach their optimal performance, power, fitness and fat burning. The best part? All the workouts are under 24 active minutes and you can do it anywhere at anytime for only 3 times a week.


The program is uniquely designed and highly structured to drive huge results in a short time. If you're not into carrying a hardcopy around, you can even order the online version. I got myself the hard copy because I wanted to have it around with me for future purpose, just in case technology fails me.


HIIT is definitely really challenging, even if you do it for a short period of time. You're constantly pumping your heart and that makes you really burn all that excess waste.                            

These workouts accelerate fat loss, torch calories and improve your fitness overall. You’ll also activate what is known as the afterburn effect known as the #Bossffect. This means a higher resting metabolic rate and more calories burned post-workout. You’ll burn fat even while you’re asleep!