Hokkaido in Summer

I've been longing to go to Hokkaido for the longest time. The food, people & scenery has always intrigued me. 

Top: Forever 21 / Jeans: H&M /Shoes: Adidas / Bag: Collete


Landed in Sapporo International Airport and booked a car straight to Niseko, the town we were staying in for the first few nights.


A pit stop at Shikotsuko Visitor's Center with a beautiful park by the lake and a local stall that sells the best fried cheese mochi. A sinful cheat day snack but that's what holidays are for! 


The Snow Monkey house we rented via AirBnB. A beautiful place indeed, hidden in the beauty of nature and other chalets. 

Niseko is the best place to be during winter. Resort homes here are mostly fully rented out as ski resorts to tourists. The mountain a few meters away has the best ski experience for tourists. 

AIRBNB CHALET: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3578641?sug=51


For the first night, we bought groceries from Aeon and made use of the kitchen we had in our holiday home. 


Day 2, we explored the countryside that had beautiful flowers & fresh produce. Lake Hill Farm is famous for their dessert and pastries made from their fresh dairy. 


Top: Zara / Skirt: H&M / Shoes: Zalora / Bag: Collete / Necklace: Forever 21


A beautiful garden in the front yard of their cottage and a big farm behind where all their hard work is put in.


I couldn't help myself, everything from the texture to the taste was so fresh and creamy. One of the many unique things about Hokkaido I would say.


A trip to Wakasaimo which sold traditional Japanese goodies and had a famous restaurant that served highly rated Japanese food. 


One of the best places for big, fresh scallops and oysters overlooking the famous Lake Toya. Sadly, it was raining that noon and I was not able to take a walk along the lake after lunch but if you have the chance, take a stroll and enjoy the spring breeze. 


The next day, we had the opportunity to learn how to make ice-cream in Takahashi Farm on the way to Otaru.


A cottage with a farm much like Lake Farm Hill except they produced their own ice-cream. They even have two cafes in the same area which were packed with locals and tourists. 


Top: Forever 21 / Short: H&M / Shoes: Keds / Hat: - / Necklace: The Anomaly / Bag: Collete  


After having a taste of our own freshly made ice-cream, we headed to the Nikka Whiskey Distillery in Yoichi.


A wide variety of classic Scottish x Japanese whiskey that was very rich and had a strong kick to it.  


My family & I always seem to end up in an orchard whenever we travel. This time, we found ourselves in Yamamoto Orchard picking fully ripe cherries.


They were so fresh & clean that you could eat it whilst picking them off the trees. Definitely one of my favourite experiences, the cherries were so sweet and juicy. 


By the end of the day, we arrived in Otaru. By the canal, there were a ton of speakeasy bars & restaurants I wish I had more time to check out.


A few blocks away from the Otaru Canal are little boutiques famous for its glasswares and music boxes. Something you don't want to miss out on bringing home as a souvenir.


The day after, we went to Tomita Farm in Furano that had a most beautiful field of flowers in full bloom.


Serving fresh pastries, ice-cream and melons. Basically everything that Hokkaido is famous for. 


Top: H&M / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Keds / Bag: Milktee / Shades: Forever 21


We stumbled upon a beautiful hideout - Ningle Terrace on the way back to our place. A hidden track through the little forest that had little shops selling crafts and things. 


We checked into a wooden lodge in the forest that night. A one of a kind experience indeed. It had all the bare necessities and nature surrounding it. From modern-esque to this, it took a while to sink in.


I think I'm too much of a city girl to enjoy being stuck in the woods with barely a proper kitchen or toilet to be in but nonetheless, it was a good experience. Thankful we weren't on a tropical island that was humid and filled with bugs. 


Top: MNG / Shorts: H&M / Bag: Milktee / Ring: -

We finally made our way to the city that evening and I've never been happier to see bright lights lit up at night. 


My brother and I took a ride on the Norbesa ferris wheel that was located on the roof of the mall. A view from the top of the city with two restaurants & bars beside it. Customers usually ride the ferris wheel with their pint of beer whilst enjoying the beautiful city.


Dinner was at a presumingly famous restaurant that served king crabs. It's a bummer that I forgot the name but it's not hard to miss at all. The big crab hanging from the front door of the restaurant that's about 5 stories high is where you want to go. We had large king crabs boiled, stewed and in every other way we wanted it to be cooked. It was so fresh and so appetising, I have never been a big fan of crab but this was something else. When you're in Hokkaido, this is not something you would want to miss. 


Top: Monki / Pants: Bangkok / Shoes: Adidas / Watch: Daniel Wellington / Bag: Milktee / Scarf: The Anomaly 

Shopping and more shopping. Sapporo is filled with malls to explore. Mitsui Outlet is one of them that has two blocks filled with international brand outlets. Accessible via tramp and bus from the main city of Sapporo. 


Two major underground malls run through Sapporo. Pole Town (running through North to South) and Aurora Town (running East to West) are located in Sapporo's central Odori area. Excess points can be found up and down Ekimae Street south to Susukino and along the length of Odori Park from TV tower west to block 5. 

Above the underground malls, a long stretch of shops known as the Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade is filled with tourists from all over. A vibrant street that lights up at night, one of my favourite places to shop for souvenirs and snacks. 

Walk along the area and you'll find large department stores that houses international brands for you to shop your heart out. The easiest way to get around the city is via Google Maps.


Dinner was at the famous Ramen Alley in Sapporo. It's dodgy and mysterious but everything cooked in that alley was delicious from the texture of the noodles to the broth of the ramen. Walking distance from the major shopping streets I mentioned earlier. This is somewhere you wouldn't want to miss out if you're in Sapporo. 


On our last day in Hokkaido, we took a tramp and ropeway up Mt Moiwa. The view from above was amazing. 


Top: - / Jacket: H&M / Shorts: Monki / Shoes: Keds / Bag: Collete / Cap: -

Cringe worthy love locks were on the top of the observation towers but I would have bought it anyways. A cool structure with a bell was in the middle of the love locks that I had to take a mandatory picture with. 


There was a few cafes on the observation tower but only one restaurant. It wasn't my favourite place to dine and it was kinda overpriced but the view made up for it. 


Last stop at the central park in Sapporo city. Fully bloomed flowers and a beautiful water fountain. Tourists and locals filled the area with their hot Japanese snacks and good company.


Didn't manage to shop much but I got a new top, sweater and skirt + a heated eyelash curler and well known mascara for Asian lashes that wouldn't stay curled. 

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