You're 18


You're 18,

Young and reckless,

Precious and fragile. 

You're 18 and full of crazy adventurous ideas that are deemed reckless, stupid and sometimes illegal. Those who know better try to convince you to be rational, but you're 18 and curious so you fuck up anyway. Mistakes made, but you've learned and your foundations are built. 

You're 18,

With a stomach full of butterflies,

But a heart that just broke.

You're 18 and in and out of love. The "love of your life" is now a stranger to you and so you're on to the next best thing that may or may not happen to you. You feel as if you're old enough to settle for "the one" but yet you're unsure if the one really exists at the moment. You're a roller coaster of emotions and you struggle to keep yourself together at times. 

You're 18,

Ambitious and motivated,

Confused and easily distracted. 

You're 18, you see the world from a whole different perspective. You strive to achieve your goals, but you don't exactly have a clear idea on what your goals really are. Every little spark that comes your way deems interesting to you. You're a jack of all trades but master of none. But I guess, it's still better than a master of one...and that's what you convince yourself to believe everyday.

You're 18,

Peer pressure is nothing,

Peer pressure is everything.

You're 18 and doing all the things 8 year old you would forbid her future self to do. 8 year old you wouldn't be proud of her future self at all if she saw the cigarette that was lit in her 18 year old self's hand, drinking her night away and passing out after a long night. All because her friends told her it was going to be a good night. Well, it was...until it stained her lungs and liver as one good night lead to another. Long taxing nights await and that's fun when you're at 18. 

You're 18,

Who are you really at 18?

You're 18, you're lost. You're at a phase of discovery.

You're 18 and finally legal. You're attempting to be an adult but you're only 18 and that's far from being mentally capable of handling what comes along with the means of being an "adult".

I'm 18 and I don't know what I want. I want to discover and have great memories made but yet at the same time I'm so tired and I'm only 18.