Beauty & Wardrobe Tips On Surviving The Heat

If you're currently residing or visiting Malaysia, you'd definetly realize how blazing hot it has been due to El Niño. Walking outside feels like you've just entered the last level of hell. Your make up doesn't last as long as it used to and you're all sweaty & sticky by the time you're half way through your day.  Want to know how to get through this 40 degree cray weather with a slight breeze? Here's how:


1. Sunblock

UV rays are super harmful to our skin. Getting a really good sunblock with high SPF protection is essential. Invest in a water/gel based sunblock for the most cooling effect I would say. Sunblocks that are greasy and oily tend to clog your pores even more in this hot weather and that's how you start breaking out.

Suggested Product: 

My favourite FOR SURE!

2. Primer

Invest in a really good face primer to make sure your makeup sticks for good. Primers are really good especially during hot weathers because they're incredibly light yet strong holding. 

Suggested Product: 

Pricey but worth it!

3. Waterproof Makeup 

The power of water resistant makeup is incredible! They don't only resist water but of course, sweat as well. You can go through the day perspiring and still stay smudge proof. Just make sure you know your waterproof make up well enough because some might be a huge let down. 

Suggested Brand: 


Try the eyeliner & mascara! My two essentials.

4. Thermal Spring Spray

They sell these in drugstores and they're relatively affordable. These are good for freshening up when you're feeling absolutely icky.  

Suggested Product: 

Worth the price for spring water in a spray bottle! 

5. Blotter

Blotting paper helps eliminate oil on your face. With all that sweat and makeup on your face it's bound to get a little greasy. Blotting throughout the day can help keep you shine free.  

Suggested Products: 

They usually sell these in packs of two at a really reasonable price so definitely a steal!

6. Compact Powder

Bring your trusty compact powder out & about for touch up when necessary. You'll look absolutely fresh again as if you've just started your day.  

Suggested Product:  

Very easy to bring around and absolutely does what it says!


1. Light Colored Clothing

I know dark colors tend to make you look smaller but in this hot weather, don't bother. Light colored clothings should be your to-go outfits because there's nothing more easy & breezy about them.  

Sundresses are my favourite for the hot season. 

2. Hats/Caps

Now's a good time to bring out your favorite SnapBack or fedora hats. Play around with it and style it with cute hairstyles. 

Sun hats to make you feel like you're chilling by the sea breeze or any snapback will do. 

3. Sandals 

I know flip flops would be your to-go but that's not very cute for college or dates. Try sandals! Or maybe even gladiators. There are a ton of cool designs that you can opt for so invest in a really nice versatile one for this hot season.  

Imagine a cute sundress with strappy or laced up sandals to pair with! 

Disclaimer: All images were extracted off the worldwide web and non of the above images belongs to me. Credits to the source.