Time Flies

It's March guys! Am I the only one that's kind of having a silent moment to myself right now? A quarter of 2016 is pretty much over & done with, let that sink in guys. My 3 months break has passed by just like that. College is starting on the 23rd of this month and I'm so not ready. I literally have no idea what to expect nor prepare for that matter. I failed my driving test because god forbid I passed the yellow line by an inch while trying to side park but hey, at least that was my worst case scenario and not "endangering the invigilator". Well, I guess with that being said...guess who won't be driving to college :') I'm actually so upset about this, sigh.

Anyways, I've realised that life after high school makes so much more sense now. I have so much more "me time" and I'm literally doing everything that I've aspired to do and explore since I last remembered. So many people have told me how much they miss high school but I'm honestly still not feeling it. I've been blessed with the opportunity to be signed with Gushcloud early this month and ever since, my life has been quite an adventure. I'm not sure if I can actually say this but I guess I'm a "certified" social media influencer right now. I mean, it sounds totally narcissistic but ideally I'm doing what I'm passionate about while actually being able to get some extra cash to sustain the food junkie & shopaholic in me.

For the past few months, I've also been working at a cafe in TTDI called Thursdvys. In a nutshell, the experience was amazing. Everyone there is literally so much fun to work with and everyone has a story so interesting to tell. I have colleagues who backpacks across neighbouring countries, walks the KL fashion week runway, deejays and more. But, the most intriguing part of all is that everyone in the cafe is brought together under one roof by their love for coffee. I honestly admire that and I've learned quite a handful from the seniors at the cafe. I can safely say that 6/10 of the time I can pull you a pretty decent coffee shot. I'm not at the level of perfection yet but give me some time. Latte art...give me more time.............Hopefully college wouldn't be too hectic and I would still be able to juggle some time working at the cafe while studying. I plan to work at a bar after I master the art of coffee, just for the sake of learning how to craft the perfect cocktail and gaining knowledge on the types of alcohol. You can honestly never absorb too much. Do everything you've ever said "omg, that looks interesting!" to and find out if you have an undying passion for it or nahhh. You never know till you give it a go and I encourage that! Guess this was just another life update post, thanks for reading it up till here. Lots of love! 2016 has been a pretty good year up to date and I'm hoping it doesn't end here. 

*pats back*