In Memory Of 2016

A new year once again, it happened in a blink of an eye eventhough a total of 365 days have passed. When days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, everything seems to be a blur. 

One of the many things I've learned in the past year was that it's okay to be an organized mess. It's okay to be confused and frustrated at times because you are still learning every single day about yourself, people around you and how the universe works as a whole. You don't always need to have everything in place to pull through because one day you'll figure that no one is actually capable of being completely in control of what they are doing. Let loose and let the universe take its course, what is meant to be will be. 

In 2016, I've also learned how to follow my dreams and build something out of it. Dreams may seem far fetch at times but it is not impossible. I urge you to surround yourself with the right people that inspire you to become more than what you have ever imagined yourself to be. The reality of a dream does not happen overnight. Hard work, patience and a whole lot of failure & disappointment comes in between the light of success. 

Aside from that, I've learned to rid myself from people who only hold me down. We all deserve to grow at our own pace and to put it in the most selfish manner, you can't wait for anyone just because they aren't ready for growth. The truth is, it is difficult to completely rid yourself from them because they might have been somewhat memorable at some part of your life but slowly and surely, you will find yourself in a better light. You will be and can be much happier without them holding you off from much better plans in the near future. 

With this, 2017 I'm ready for you.