Outfit Ideas For College/University

Since college/university is about to start, I decided to mix and match some outfit ideas for reference purposes. Many thanks to Polyvore and also to those who requested for this, I hope it helps! 

Moodless Monday's  


It's Monday, everyone is dreading how the day passes so slow. You have class at 8 in the morning but you don't wanna look like you literally just woke up.  

Outfit Idea : Throw on a slightly oversized yet cute graphic tee and slap on some ripped jeans. Trusty sneakers to get you through the day and a backpack to stuff all your shit in because you were too lazy to pack the night before.  

It's Only Tuesday...


It's only Tuesday but a girl's gotta look cute in order to get through the day + the rest of the week. Since time permits, you get to dress up a little.

Outfit Idea : An effortless chiffon top with your favorite pair of skinny ripped jeans. Casual yet chic. Throw on some minimal accessories and take on the day with your never-full tote bag + favorite pair of sandals that don't hurt your feet. 

I Have A Presentation On Wednesday! 


It's Wednesday, your presentation is due and you have to look presentable (as always). The non-existing handbook says you have to be in a button up collared shirt & pencil skirt. "Look like an executive!" they say.

Outfit Idea : You're less likely bothered to look like a boring CEO's secretary decked in "uniform" so you break the rules a little. Button up that cropped collared shirt of yours and pair it with a high waisted patterned knee length pencil or A-line skirt. Add some gold accessories to your outfit and a cute backpack to go. You'll be doing a lot of walking back & forth the classroom explaining why you deserve the highest score to date so make sure your favorite suede flats are dusted.  

Chill Thursday's  


It's Thursday, classes are pretty laid back today so you decide to take your time and just deck yourself in comfy clothing.  

Outfit Idea : Snuggle in your favorite ribbed maxi dress that gives you the curves you are meant to flaunt. Converse for last minute errand running and minimal accessories to look like you tried. The never-full tote bag comes in handy when your lecturer decides to tick you off by handing you a whole load of paperwork to bring home and complete by the following week. 



Classes are short & sweet today and so are you (am I). Dress for the amazing weekend you know that's about to come.  

Outfit Idea : A fancy basic cropped top and shorts to go. Since classes are short, screw big bulky bags and walk into class with only your favorite maxi clutch with everything you need. Add a statement accessory to jazz your outfit up and gladiator sandals because they look amazing on your feet. 

Disclaimer: If your maxi clutch wasn't maxi enough for the workload you need to bring home on Friday, I'm not guilty of anything...