It's been a while and for no apparent reason I am inspired to write. Inspired to pour my thoughts out that is. I've always been the type to observe a situation, never one to speak up unless I have a problem with it. I've realised that everyone around me is constantly struggling to be "ideal" but no one's really getting anywhere with that mindset. And that's only because your definition of "ideal" doesn't exist to everyone else. 

I've been minding my own business a lot, working on improving myself and staying positive. I came to a point where I would sit myself down and lay out the options. I asked myself what I wanted to do next and what I wanted to make out of my current situation. It took me a while but eventually I came to a conclusion that I wanted to live. I wanted to experience everything about being alive. I wanted to get a degree, travel, inspire others, take risks, meet new people, make mistakes, embarrass myself, laugh, cry, date, break up, make out, make up, fight and all in all...make shitloads of great memories. I want to be able to have a kickass story to tell when I'm 60. I want to be able to tell others that to live is to go all out and to feel is to experience pain, joy, love, excitement and feelings that you cannot express all at the same time and more. As for now I want to go with the flow of life. I'm tired of planning, seeking and having expectations. Life is literally like a big ass wave. You're constantly told to avoid it to prevent getting swallowed but you were never told that if you picked up a surfboard and tried surfing on that big wave, you'd have a really good time. And yes, no one gets it right the first time so keep flipping off the surfboard until you finally conquer the big waves that is life.