Sunrise At Broga Hills

Just before the Raya holiday ended, a bunch of friends from cheer & I decided to hike up Broga Hills to check the sunrise out. We woke up at about 3:30am and left for Broga at around 4:30am. It was a 40 minute drive there and an hour hike up. 

This was the was cloudy so that's basically the "view"...


We made it! I was dead by the time we got up there. Reminder to self : always take food with you when you decide to hike! 

Some fake laughter for a cute "candid" going on...

When you give up on looking good for a picture so you do a fag face instead.

There's 3 stages/levels to Broga and the best view is at the second level. We thought that it'd get better as you go higher but NOOOOOoooooOooO, the last level was filled with huge rocks and the sunrise wasn't even that fantastic. I swear I told them that we should just chill at the second level (only because I got lazy), but no one listened (but I was right).

The "I woke up at 3am face".

It was a really fun hike with the bunch, really enjoyed it. I've always wanted to go up to Broga for the fun of it and now I can finally check that off my list of things to do & try.