Moving On

It's been a rough week but nevertheless, I survived it. I met up with Sheng Wei today because I needed to find complete closure and finally start a new chapter. We spent time together as usual, the only difference was not being able to hold his hand and call him baby. There were a few awkward silences because we were both still feeling a little anxious but we eventually moved on and started talking about other things that made us laugh. 

It's true when they say that it'll eventually get better. I have dropped all hopes & expectations of ever getting back into a relationship with him and that was why I can finally see & talk to him again without feeling like I was going to be left in pieces again. I guess I finally managed to find closure when he told me that he didn't feel right being with me and that was why he left me. I finally found the answer I was looking for and I'm slowly getting back on my feet.

We're back to being best friends now, just like how we started off. I'm grateful for everything we had together and will still have as best friends in the future. I'll always stand by him no matter what because I don't think I can ever stop caring & being there for him after everything he's done for me. Now I looked back at what we had and I felt happy & absolutely grateful. I no longer felt dreadful about what I've lost but rather thankful for what I've gained.

To everyone who has been reading & dealing with my roller coaster of emotions for the past week, thank you. Thank you for being here for me, I'm getting better now and standing back up stronger & motivated as ever. 

Lots & lots of love. Thank you!