Letting Go

Someone once told me to only commit to a serious relationship if you know the other party loves you more. Call it selfish but who wants to be the one left hanging several months or years after, right? I went with that. I honestly believed that everything would be alright because he loved me more and that I would never have to be left alone because he made me feel so secure. Fast forward two years later, the tables have turned. I fell so deeply in love with him while he fell out of it. Once again, I'm left hanging. I guess that's why they say love is a risk. In general, life is a risk.

I'm feeling absolutely helpless and in so much pain. I'm trying so hard to suppress everything because who wants to deal with a crybaby 24/7. I came about understanding why what happened, happened. I'm still in the process of fully accepting the fact that things will never be the same again. I guess if it was meant to be, it will be.

I really thought we had a future together but I guess I was wrong, as always. Good things don't last, that's life. I'm glad that we made amazing memories together and we were once truly and deeply in love with one another. 

I love you and I'm letting you go. Goodbye, my love.