The Rush

After weeks of being tied up with a tight schedule, I finally have time to write about these unique yet minimalistic pieces I received in the mail a while ago from The Rush by Vi Wern.

Pentagram Necklace & Multiple Chevron Ring

The Pentagram Necklace is a simple yet eye-catching piece. Try not to laugh, but I have a thing for the ever-so mystical witches & vampires (the result of binge watching The Vampire Diaries & The Originals). This necklace reminds me of witch business & I love it!

The Multiple Chevron Ring is one of a kind. I really like the edgy yet minimalistic design to it, I've been pairing it with a lot of my outfits lately because it literally matches everything! 

Top : H&M / Skirt : Forever 21

The Rush carries a unique selection of affordable imported apparels & accessories on their Instagram store. My favourite accessory from the package would definitely be the Multiple Chevron Ring. It gives a slight kick to my whole outfit without making it look too complicated. 

If you haven't already checked The Rush out, do yourself a favour! 

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