My Homestay in Hiroshima (Part 2)

Only 2 nights with my host family and I'm already absolutely attached! Leaving the people I practically just bonded with the next day sounds too cruel :( I'll keep the emotions for later...

Day 2's adventure with the host family was to the Hiroshima Peace Park. We only managed to explore the place with our okaasan (mother) because it was a Monday and everyone else had school and work. 

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UNESCO World Heritage Site : Atomic Bomb Dome

Goddess of Peace

Children's Peace Monument of Sadako Sasaki

Explored the Hiroshima Peace Park and I was deeply saddened by the fact that so many innocent lives were lost. Those innocent people were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I felt angry for those who suffered just because some people in higher authority were greedy for power and did not think of the consequences.  Their crave for power caused so many innocent lives. 

Even though the Japanese deserved a little wake up call, I didn't think what the Americans did was humane at all. Take Malaysia for example, we managed to talk our way through being conquered and having independence. It took a ton of effort and persistence but we eventually made it. I don't understand why people cannot just take a look at the brighter side and try to solve problems in a more civilised manner. Violence is never the solution and one man's mistake should never cost the lives of thousands of innocent people. 

Went back in time to the Hiroshima Castle after. It was nice to read about ancient Japan and see unique treasures from the ancient times. Jelyna & I also climbed to the top of the castle to have a view of the city. 

We went back after and got the chance to meet our host family's great grandmother. She's 92 this year but still looks hella youthful. We got the privilege to sit down with her in her humble home and we listened to her tell us about how she survived the atomic bomb. Even though there was a language barrier, we managed to pick up bits and pieces of what she was trying to say. I recorded the whole "interview" and I'm currently still looking for someone to translate the whole thing for me :p I'll upload it when it's ready :)

Dinner was Hiroshima's famous Okonomiyaki, it was so delicious!

It was our last night with our host family and we were feeling pretty sad because we really enjoyed our stay with them. My favourite part of the stay would definitely be making friends with little Takuto who was extremely sweet and welcoming during our entire stay. 

This is farewell to our host family in Japan and reuniting with Kamilia who ended up with another family during our home stay program. Our okaasan dropped us off at the train station and we met up with all the other students on the trip and took a train to Kyoto for our next adventure.

Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto is a Zen temple in the Sakyo ward. It is one of the constructions that represents the Higashiyama Culture of the Muromachi period.

Nijō Castle, Kyoto was  the former ruling palace of the Emperor of Japan.

Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto is an independent Buddhist temple. It is also one of Japan's UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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We explored famous picture perfect sites in Kyoto in a flash and finally settled down at a shopping street outside of Kiyomizu Temple. Kamilia & I roamed the streets and bought a ton of street food to snack on and souvenirs back home. 

Took a bus from Kyoto to Osaka and speed shopped in Dotonburi. It was crazy because we had to squeeze in through the crowd and every thing was so fast paced. We were limited to an hour to shop but the place was huge so we really had to rush. Not to mention the place was packed with variety of things to do and see so rushing was hard too :( I'm definitely heading back there the next time I go to Osaka. Flew back home the next morning and I was not ready to leave at all but oh wells...Guess it's back to reality...

JAPAN HAUULLLL! Loving everything I got so far :)

I had a lot of fun during the entire duration of this trip. So glad that Kamilia & I decided to initiate it and I'm thankful for my psycho teacher in charge (sort of) for helping us make it happen. Can't wait for my next adventure! But first, EXAMS. 

Did a travel vlog again, enjoy :)