All The Pretty Girls Are Taken

“All the pretty girls are taken!” 

-Anonymous on

I got pretty annoyed when I saw this. It's 2am now and I'm feeling restless so here goes...

First of all, since when did looks become the main agenda to date a person.  To start off, if you're planning to only date girls who are attractive then you might as well hire a host because a pretty face is nothing without a kickass personality. Dating someone means opening yourself up to them and eventually getting into a relationship with them. In a relationship you explore one another and exchange thoughts & interests. If the chick you're dating looks like Kendall Jenner but has 0 personality, would you really succumb into getting into a relationship with her? 

Then comes my second point, if people have to be attractive in order to date or be in a relationship then what will the rest of the not-as-attractive bunch do? Die a lonely life because they're not worthy of being loved and loving? No.

Everyone is capable of loving & being loved. If you are not capable of admiring ones beauty inside out, you are not ready to love. Hence, don't set out on a mission only to find a pretty face. When you're ready to let your heart wander and settle wherever it chooses to, then go explore. I believe that there will be one person out there destined for you and her beauty will shine through every fucking thing you have on your 13 year old “Girlfriend Criteria” list. Vice versa to all the ladies whose train of thoughts are along the lines of “all the cute guys are taken”. 

I'm not denying that looks don't matter because no matter how much you try to fight it and tell yourself you don't care, you do. Deep down somewhere, you fucking do. But honestly, how long will looks last before you realise that the pretty face that once made you go head over heels for has got fine lines on her forehead? If you think long & hard about it, you'd start to realize how someone's look might affect your first impression but it's what you tell yourself that makes a difference. Tell yourself that just because she looks like a complete goth doesn't mean she doesn't have a sweet, loving & brighter side to her and just because he looks like a complete dumbass, doesn't mean he is incapable of taking good care of you. Take a chance and listen to what others have to say before being so quick to judge. Get to know their personality before setting your mind to something you're perceiving. 

Love & be loved without any limitations and don't forget that beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder. As long as one is beautiful to you, what other people say should never matter.