Life Update Before 2015 Ends

  1. I'm officially done with high school! 
  2. I'm taking a break till July to work on myself and explore the endless possibilities before starting college.
  3. I might start in March if I end up lifeless within the first few months...
  4. I landed myself a part time job at this cafe called Thursdvy's in TTDI. 
  5. I'm most probably closing HLG Atelier down because I want to focus more on a niche market instead of a wide scale marketplace.
  6. I'm launching this small jewellery line called August by Zoey.
  7. Mon & I are working on this new street wear apparel together so stay tuned! 
  8. I've been attempting to create content through travel vlogs throughout the year and I think it's safe to say I suck at it but I enjoy doing it so, stay tuned for more in 2016! 
  9. I'm dating again.

I think that's it...

See you in 2016


have a happy new year ahead!!!