What is UBER?

In a nutshell, UBER is basically a ride-sharing service that connects its riders to their own personal UBER drivers available around the area. 

I've been using UBER for more than a year now since its launch in KL. UBER is basically my go-to ride to places since I'm still incapable of driving YET. Based on experience, I can definitely say that UBER has went beyond my expectations on public transport. With a seamless app & a simple tap of a button, I am able to excess reliable UBER drivers around my area and hitch a ride to my next destination.

How Does UBER Work?

Basically all you have to do is download the free app, register and request for either :

1. UBER X (the low-cost UBER that typically fits up to 4pax)


2. UBER XL (the low-cost UBER that fits up to 6pax)


3. UBER Black (the original UBER that typically fits up to 4pax)


As you can see, UBER lays it all out in black & white. No hidden costs that might give you the shock of your life when your credit card bill comes. 

And yes, UBER is not on cash terms. All payments will be deducted through the credit/debit card you registered with. 

After you request for a ride, all you have to do is sit back and relax while waiting for a call or text from the designated driver to confirm your exact pickup location. 

What's The Difference Between UBER X & UBER Black?

The difference being the car they come to pick you up in. UBER X is considered the budget ride so expect a Myvi or Perodua at your doorstep. UBER Black is where you get picked up in cars like Honda, Nissan or sometimes even a BMW or Mercedes. It all depends on your luck for that day.

All I can say is that I am beyond in love with the whole system. UBER is now not only available in Kuala Lumpur but has expanded to Penang & Johor Bahru. 

If you're new to UBER do give it a go! Redeem up to RM50 off your first ride with UBER by applying the promo code :


I'm definitely reconsidering about getting my license now...I MEAN WHO WANTS TO DEAL WITH NO PARKING DAYS AND JAM STRESS RIGHT?! We'll see...but for now, UBER it is!