Simple Pleasure

Here's to the girls who enjoy being spoiled with "relationship goals" like how I used to low key obsess over them. I know you're not actually content or happy with the big bouquet of flowers you receive and surprise fine dining dinner date. Well, maybe you are...for like 5 minutes. "Relationship goals" are so unrealistic and it's so deceiving. It makes girls expect so much from a guy when in fact, true happiness comes from a day in when neither of you have plans so the both of you decide to lounge all day in and watch the Marvel movie marathon on HBO. Breaking up with my first love made me realise how wrong I was on how happiness or a "real" relationship was supposed to be. I guess if I could go back in time, I would tell 15 year old me this but who the fuck has time for time travelling. Not like 15 year old me would listen to me anyways HAH. So here's 17 year old me telling future me and you, who's still caught up in the fantasy that is NOT real life to grow the fuck up and realise that happiness comes from the simplest glimmer in life that is love. It has nothing to do with the expectations others set, neither does it have to do with materials. When two people click, that's when you fall in love. Don't limit chemistry just because of the unrealistic standards society has set. Be in love and stay in love in the simplest way. Find your simple pleasure and stick with it. In time, you'll feel that glimmer of joy in you.