Late night thoughts and here's where I end talk with ZOEY 101 \(^_^)/!!!

In a situation where you're forced to deal with something out of your daily norm, you're given two choices. One is to accept and second, to compromise. As the ignorant human beings that we are, we usually choose to compromise because we were never taught to open our minds to all the possibilities if we accepted an actual fact. But here's the thing about compromising, we usually think that it works just as well as acceptance but in actual fact, compromising is only temporary. You compromise because you cannot accept but you don't realise that compromising is only a way to delay a disagreement. You compromise to suppress your actual feelings just to make a situation work but it honestly never does. While compromising, you set inevitable & impossible expectations for one another in hopes that one day they'll see where "you're coming from" but they never do. You can't change a person with a mind of their own and neither can you change decisions that have already been made & set way before your presence was even in the picture. I find acceptance the key to human relations. Only when you can fully accept things & people for the way they are, you can say you're on the pursuit of happiness. If you're still stuck on trying to compromise, you're just wasting your time being miserable trying to figure out why you always fail to connect with what was supposed to be chemistry or something life changing & phenomenal.