Pre-Prom Prep!

It's prom season in KL and I've been asked frequently on as to where are the best places to purchase affordable prom dresses and get hair & make up done. 

I did my research and I thought that writing a brief yet informational top-to-toe post on pre-prom prep would benefit quite a number of you who are still scratching your heads trying to figure out what to do and where to start.

1. Go Dress Hunting

It's prom, you need the perfect prom dress to look absolutely stunning in for that one last night before you're officially done with school. Prom dresses are basically evening gowns, the price varies depending on the design & brand of the dress. Designer evening gowns are usually priced at RM3000 and above. In my opinion, it's not your wedding so you definitely don't need an Ellie Saab or Sherri Hill to begin with. Affordable evening gowns can be found in mini shop lots around Jalan PJU5/11 in Kota Damansara, Jalan Telawi in Bangsar, One Utama and online. The price varies from a few hundred to maybe two or three thousand, depending on the simplicity or complexity of the design. 

Boutiques To Look Out For :

  • La Femme, KD
  • Dress Tale, KD
  • Glitter Venus, KD
  • Sleek Style, KD
  • Tagz, KD
  • Magazine, Bangsar
  • My Dressroom, Bangsar
  • Tangoo, One Utama
  • Egete, One Utama
  • Marry Merry, The Curve

Sites To Check Out :


2. Get Your Glass Slipper

Unless you plan to go in sneakers because "screw heels! They're too much of a pain in the ass" then by all means why not? If you don't mind hurting your feet just to look good then you'd probably need a pair of glass slippers to go with your gown. Affordable yet dazzling glass slippers can be found around town, fret not. 

Boutiques To Look Out For :

  • Vincci, One Utama
  • Charles & Keith, One Utama
  • U.R.S. Inc, One Utama
  • Tiamo, One Utama
  • Daphne, One Utama
  • Opera, One Utama

Sites To Check Out :


3. Glo Up! 

Now that you've got your dress & glass slippers, time to glow up! If you're pretty good at make up and think you've got what it takes to recreate a look you saw and fancy online then by all means, go ahead! Don't waste any extra cash if you're a beauty guru yourself. Watch YouTube make up tutorials for extra help. For those who struggle with make up like myself, hire someone to do your hair & make up for you. The thought of hiring a hair & make up artists might sound too fancy & kinda pricey but honestly, there are a lot of talented hair & make up artists out there that are priced pretty reasonably. 

Check Them Out On Instagram : 

  • @SuhaibDaud
  • @Qaseh_MUA
  • @PoshMakeUpByIndah
  • @MakeUpBy_EmmieLee
  • @LoveBungaQuerida
  • @AtihaRun
  • @ZaraArtistic
  • @MakeUpByMaisarah
  • @MakeUp_By_Azreen
  • @RamzaMode
  • @MakeUpByTeyn
  • @IJOY89
  • @RahaAzlan


For those who were curious & confused before, I hope this post helped. Happy shopping and have a blast at prom! Lots of love, x.