Second Anniversary

Another 365 days have passed since Sheng Wei & I celebrated our first year together. I can't believe we're already at year 2. It's crazy how time flies and I'm still so madly in love with him. 

Got picked up by this cutie at Raz's place after school with a bouquet of fresh roses and adorable gifts. 

Loving the Lush products he got his brother to bring back from the UK for me. All the lovely scents *_* Not to mention the cute little handwritten card 

We got home and I surprised him with a personalised puzzle with our picture on it & a jar of love notes. His reaction to it was adorable as he figured out how our faces ended up on a puzzle :p

It was surprises after surprises. He added a new charm to my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet while I was busy getting ready for the night. The airplane charm symbolises how much I love & long to travel around the world. It's beautiful! Each charm represents something and I love it 

Dinner venue was a surprise but I took a wild guess and got it right the first time :p we were heading to Cantaloupe, Troika Sky Dining for dinner.

The food was worth every cent. Both of us enjoyed our meal there very much. My Duck Confit was especially delicious and so were the oysters. Definitely heading back there some other time. Ambiance was beautiful. We had a great view of KLCC and a nice space to ourselves.

It went from day to night real quick. The city lit up like a christmas tree and it was beautiful. 

Playing around in the lift because the lighting was nice :p 

Next stop, surprise dessert venue?

Thirty8, Grand Hyatt. 

Had their Signature Cake & Broken Cheese Cake. The ambiance was perfect. We had a couch to ourselves and cuddled over comfort food. It was a perfect end to our night. 

When you're vain af and your boyfriend gives in by taking pictures of you hehe 

I had such a great time and I was so happy. I can't believe we made it to 2 years. #TEAMSWZ :p Fell in love with someone who loves & takes care of me like no other.  SOOOooOooooo much love *_* Thanks for always having my back & supporting me throughout everything I do. 

Happy Anniversary,

I love you 

Photo credits to : Sheng Wei, waiters & concierge