Someone Special Turns 19

Last week, on the 26th of March Sheng Wei turned 19! It was 2 days after I came back from Aussie and I had so little time to work anything out. Thankfully, I managed to plan a mini surprise for his birthday and it was funny how he didn't suspect or expect anything at all :p 

We had plans for dinner with his family but I decided that birthdays only come once a year and dinner is never enough in my opinion :p 

I didn't have class for the last two periods so I went to his place and decorated his room with heart shaped balloons & filled it with little gifts I got for him from Australia. 

So it went a little something like this...

His college ended late on that particular day. I told him that I was having my tuition early instead of at night since I left school early. I told him that one of my friends would drop me off at his house later on and he believed. He took his sweet time from college back home since he didn't have to pick me up. Little did he know, I was already in his room filling balloons with air, writing little love notes and pasting them all over his room with gifts on the side. He called me saying he was on the way home and I told him I was already at his place. I gave it a bit of time before calling & "crying" to him on the phone haha! I told him I went upstairs to leave my bags in his room and I wasn't sure how but the huge scissors on his table fell on my feet and I was bleeding badly :p Not sure how he pictured the scenario but he rushed home as soon as he could. From a 30 minute drive home to 15 minutes (uh-may-zing)! He ran upstairs and opened the door wide, only to find me uninjured and full of surprises :p

Cake by @VBBAKES on Instagram 

It made me really happy that he was unaware of the surprise at all and that he was so happy to come home to this :) 

 I'm glad I made your day boo! Love you, always.