Hiked To Chilling Waterfall

A while ago, I went hiking to Chilling Waterfall with my family. Besides getting sunburned, I had a ton of fun!

The view on the way was surprisingly breathtaking.

Why surprising? Because typical Malaysian waters are not blue...they're usually grey & gross af.

We bought fish food to feed the fishes from the counter before hiking.

After crossing this bridge, the adventure begins!

(sry gay)

The Chilling river is supposed to be a fish sanctuary so no fishing but feeding is allowed. It's so funny how whenever I throw fish food into the river, a school of fishes literally just attack the food. 

The track was muddy and full of fallen tree branches. I'd rate it 5/10 difficulty. It wasn't too bad since Damien was able to make it to the top. Did I mention we stumbled upon a snake in the bushes and we had to flea as fast as we could. The experienced hikers knew how to handle it and managed to scare the snake away.

We brought food up there for a picnic by the waterfall. It wasn't as peaceful as we thought it would have been because it was overly crowded. Nevertheless, first hike was a good hike.

It was quite a long hike because we had Damien and my dad who were not outdoor people at all. They took their time whining and trying to overcome the slippery rocks & routes that the estimated time of arrival at the waterfall was supposed to be in an hours time but we ended up taking an extra  hour or two to get up there. 

*oh and btw, yes we were all wearing crocs to hike because first timers HAHAHA 

but sw had actual hiking shoes zzz 

the pro vs losers.