I did a shoot with Husaini a long while ago but I wasn't allowed to publish the photos until his exhibition was all wrapped up. I'm pretty excited to share these photos because it was something new to me and I found it really cool how his photography & editing skills were crazy good! 

It was quite challenging because I'd have to be in the shot with a white cloth over me and I had to stay really still after I posed. After the first shot, I had to run away from the frame asap so that Husaini could capture the same frame but without me in it. The outcome is amazing! Not sure how it's even possible to do such wonders to a photograph but I love it! This was in the same haunted house from the previous shoot I did with him. I was actually kinda scared because I was modelling as the ghost and the house was huge & abandoned.. ironic and kinda creepy :p 

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