Styling Culottes

Culottes are all over the place nowadays and I'm in love! I recently nabbed myself a pair of artsy fartsy abstract culottes from Monki and I think it's THE most comfortable statement piece any girl could ask for. Culottes used to be a part of the men's section in the early 19th century and now they're essential to every girl's wardrobe!

Talk about feminism...

Anyways, there are all types of culottes from long to midi. Midi has recently grown on me and I think the length makes a lady look super classy. Culottes also comes in all kinds of prints, from basic to loud. I chose a loud print because I decided to take a step back from my safe zone. Nevertheless, whichever culottes you decide to nab, it's crazy versatile.

I paired it with a plain black off shoulder cropped top, dad's watch & a pair of platform sandals. I decided to pair it with all black to make the pants stand out even more than it already does. The outfit is not only eye catching but super comfy as well. Taking a fashionable twist of casual Sundays' haha! Switch it up a little and you're good to go on a fancy date night or party with the girls. Playing with statement pieces never gets old! 

Top :

HLG Atelier

Bottom : Monki

Belt : Unmasqued

Watch : Matthey Tissot (Dad's)

Shoes : 

Agape Boutique

Hair & make up by : Me

Photography by : Dad

Edited by : Me