First of all, I 'd like to wish everyone who's reading this a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wanted to do a summary of 2014 like how I did for 2013 buuuuuuuuut...

I got lazy.

But if I could describe it in a sentence...it would basically be as shown below...HAHAHHA 

Anyways, everything interesting that happened in 2014 had been documented in this personal space of mine so...if you're interested, just head to the archives.

Secondly, my condolences to those who didn't make it to 2015. You're in a better place now. Rest in peace.

Lastly, how I spent my NYE :) hehe. I finally got to spend NYE with Sheng Wei. He missed the first NYE with me because he was in Japan zzz. Anyways, we headed to Curve thinking that there might be a celebration going on buuuut no...it was SO empty. I heard it was because they cancelled the fireworks. Since we were already there, we had dinner at Goodsaltz.

My favourite Aglio Olio to date is from Goodsaltz  

Sheng Wei had their carbonara, it was alright...not a fan of creamy food.

After dinner, we decided to head over to DPC for fireworks since you obviously can't do NYE without fireworks. 

Half of the state's population is here btw.

It was crazy crowded!


 Walked around and headed to The Social for a drink. We waited at The Social till the last minute of 2014 because we didn't want to squeeze with the crowd.

New Year's Eve well spent with my main. Got my New Year's kiss ;) haha! Hoping for a great year ahead. So much to do, so little time. Will try to make the best out of every moment and opportunity thrown at me *whoop*!