Christmas In Penang

Ipoh > Penang *\^.^/*

It took about 2+ hours from Ipoh to Penang. We checked into Flamingo Hotel, same hotel we stayed in last year. Headed straight to the beach after we put down our luggage in the room. 

Sheng Wei found a dried up starfish and gave it to me haha! Sadly, I lost it after putting it aside...


Clingy girlfriend be like ^ 



After some fun at the beach and in the pool, we headed out for dinner at some Teochew restaurant by the name of Goh Swee Kee in Sg Ara.

Food portion was small and the taste was just okay...

After dinner, we headed to Hard Rock Hotel Penang for some drinks by the beach and Christmas countdown. Cheers! :)

It was Christmas the day after. TIS' THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY! We had complimentary shitty breakfast at the hotel AGAIN. Seriously tho, time to upgrade...Anyways, we left for Straits Quay after breakfast and met up with my cousins for lunch.

Jumpsuit lovin'

(Jumpsuit : Bangkok / Bag : Topshop / Sunglasses : Hong Kong / Sandals : Agape Boutique)

We had Nyonya food for lunch. Not sure of the name of the restaurant but it shouldn't be hard to miss. It's the only Asian restaurant in Straits Quay!

Food was ok but the fish dishes were not very fresh. Sheng Wei & I forced each other to try petai (smelly beans) for the very first time and it was horrible!!!


Took a stroll outside Straits Quay after lunch and the view was just perfect.

It rained later on so we decided to stop by Winter Warmers, a tea house nearby our hotel. 

Of delicious English comfort food and a wide range of tea. It was a solid 8/10. I heard they have a branch in The Curve too! Lucky me :p

After the rain stopped, we drove back to our hotel and goofed around at the beach.

 Sheng Wei & I decided to be wet & wild HAHAHA

Jet skiing *\^.^/*

I used to jet ski whenever we came to Penang. How I have missed it!

Christmas dinner was at Vintage Bulgaria. The ONLY Bulgarian restaurant in Malaysia.

Food was good but I'm not sure if its considered special as I don't know Bulgaria well enough or if Bulgarian food is generally just the usual kind of western food served in every other western restaurant. It was nothing out of the ordinary. 

Not what I expected

but, good. 

You feel me?

The day we were leaving was the day we decided to fill ourselves with local goodies.

Few of the many famous local hawker dishes for brunch and we left for home after. 

I enjoyed my trip thoroughly and I'm missing cuddle nights with my boo now too :( oh wells, till next time! 

photo credits to : Sheng Wei / Dad / Mom / Damien