Road Trip Up North To Ipoh

Last week, my family, Sheng Wei & I went on a road trip to Ipoh. Our journey begun at 11am on Monday. On the way, we stopped by Bidor for lunch and to try the ever so famous duck noodles from Pun Chun Restaurant.

To start off, we had some straight from the oven yam puffs. It's one of their speciality.

The food was flavourful, no complains. I enjoyed every bit of it. 

They sell local titbits in stores too!

After lunch, our journey continued to Lost World of Tambun Resort where we were staying for 2 nights. We reached Ipoh around late noon and by the time we checked in, most of the local attractions were closed. Since it was raining as well, everyone decided to stay in. 

 The Lost World Of Tambun Resort is a small hotel located opposite the theme park. It was alright, we got the suite so it wasn't as bad. 

After we washed up, we headed out for dinner around town. Dad's friend recommended this famous Ipoh Chicken Rice hawker/restaurant - Ong Kee Restaurant and we decided to give it a go.

A selection of either chicken rice or kuey teow noodles. Either way, they were both delicious! Sheng Wei couldn't stop talking about how delicious was the chicken rice the whole night :p 

After dinner, we headed back. As hotel guests at The Lost World Of Tambun Resort, we were entitled to free soaks at the hot spring at night. Sheng Wei, my mom & I decided to unwind even though it was still drizzling. 

 Hot & steamy *inserts wink emoji* 

It was pretty relaxing and I enjoyed soaking and having hot spring water poured on me. The weather that night was pretty chilly so I was pretty thankful for that free pass haha! 


Rise & Shine! Off to the theme park :)

Complimentary breakfast at the hotel was shit btw, let's not even get me started. After breakfast, we left for the theme park. It was raining but we decided not to waste the fact that we were already in Ipoh and at the theme park.


Sheng Wei and I managed to convince Damien who generally thinks he's going to drown the minute he enters the water to join us in the hot spring. Soon enough, he was "bouncing" away in the warm water and firing at us with his water gun.

Since the dry park was closed until the rain decides to stop pouring, we went for the water park. We went on every slides possible and even got my dad to ride on one (a first for him as he's afraid of height).  After all the splashes in cold water, it time to enjoy the hot spring again at the end of the day.

Dinner was at Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant. 

Food was affordable and pretty good. I would recommend.

Breakfast the next day was at Foh San Dim Sum. It's supposed to be one of the very few highly recommended ones in Ipoh.

Compared to KL (which has more of the HK style to it), it was alright. It wasn't as expected and since we were late, a lot of the other dim sum on the menu were sold out. 

Pardon our tired faces, we watched The Purge & The Purge : Anarchy the night before. That shit craaaaay!!! 

After breakfast, we stopped by Perak Tong temple thats builded inside a cave. 

Climbed the million steep staircases up to the top. View was honestly nothing much...but great workout! *inserts buff emoji* 

Came down and had some au naturel local coconut water.

After Ipoh, we left for Penang and beacchhh! *BEEEP* road trip ^_<

photo credits to : Sheng Wei / Dad / Mom / Damien