Sawadeekap, Bangkok!

Sawadeekap (most probably inaccurately spelt), I just got back from Bangkok a few days ago. I had the time of my life shopping and bargaining, it was insane! 

Departed on Saturday morning and arrived 2 hours later.

After we arrived, we took a taxi and headed straight to our hotel. Checked into the strategic Centara Watergate Pavilion, located in Pratunam. The hotel we stayed in was walking distance to Platinum Mall & Pratunam Market. 10-15 minutes drive (depending on traffic) to city centre, Chatuchak Market & Union Mall. 

The room was spacious and sleek, just how I like it.

Right after we put down all our luggage, we took a taxi and headed straight to Chatuchak Market. We had no time to waste at all :p


(Sunglasses : Hong Kong / Romper : F21 / Bag : Cotton On / Bracelet : Lokai / Shoes : Agape Boutique)

Chatuchak Market is a huge ass maze. The taxi driver dropped us off at one end of the market and we squeezed our way through the human traffic to shop till we finally gave up. Shopping at Chatuchak Market is a MUST if you ever plan to visit Bangkok. You can get a ton of reasonably good quality items for a small amount of money. 

If you ever get lost, hungry or dehydrated at the market, make sure you try to find your way out to the open space where they sell food & drinks. The coconut ice cream I had was a lifesaver, not to mention the little thai meal too. Food is so so cheap in Bangkok, I've never felt so satisfied. 

P.S. Chatuchak Market is a weekend only market.

The ever so famous TUK TUK

After spending a few hours in Chatuchak Market, we hailed a Tuk Tuk and left for Union Mall. Traffic in Bangkok is crazy. The two way lanes are not clearly separated and most drivers are mad. Just imagine sitting in a vehicle that's very much exposed to the crazy traffic on the streets of Bangkok. We had to hold on to anything accessible to us incase we fall off. Did I mention I was eating on that crazy ride too haha! I don't know what it's called but I got it outside the market. It was a really delicious sort of fried pastry drizzled with condensed milk. 

Anyways, would I recommend the Tuk Tuk despite it being life threatening? YES. (YOLO)

After we got off, we did more shopping in Union Mall. Union Mall is half wholesale & half retail. Things aren't as cheap there compared to the local markets but still affordable. 

Me pathetically sitting in a corner on the floor after more shopping in Union Mall. 

DAY 1 GOODIES! I excluded some from the picture because there was no space zzz

After we washed up, we had dinner in the hotel. 20th floor, rooftop dining at Chilli Hip.

 The food was good and super affordable. The view was pretty nice too, but the lighting tho...

HAHAHAH hence, the picture you see above. 

Day 2, complimentary breakfast at the hotel. 


This is how you put on sunglasses whilst posing for a picture...

(Sunglasses :

HLG Atelier

 / Top : Cotton On / Shorts : F21 / Bracelet : Lokai / Bag : Cotton On / Shoes : Birkenstock) 

After breakfast, we walked to Pratunam Market for more shopping and exploring.

Super cute ice-cream truck with adorable looking & full of flavour ice-cream :3 you ought to try if you stumble upon this.

Pratunam market is pretty similar to Chatuchak Market but smaller. The crazy thing about this market is that the lanes are freaking small but food vendors still choose to park their little food cart in the middle of the lane while everyone is squeezing through. I would imagine how "clean" the food is, with everyone's sweat and shit falling into the food zzz no thanks. 

Walked from Pratunam Market to Platinum Mall.


Platinum Mall has 7 floors of shopping, you can go crazy in there. Crazy cardio was done in there. Another must-go place if you ever plan to visit Bangkok. 

The shit that kept me functioning throughout the crazy shopping, much loveeee.

 On the way back to our hotel, we stopped by some street food vendors for some local treats. 


not everything is included in this picture btw.

After a long day of shopping, we decided to unwind at the hotel's spa. 

Massage and nail parlours in Bangkok are crazy cheap but it's whether or not you choose to go to the small stores that look kinda shady or your hotel's little retreat (which costs a bit more but better safe than sorry right?). I had the best aromatherapy massage in Cense. It's surprisingly cheaper than Thai Odyssey in KL, if you plan to stay in this hotel then no harm trying their spa out too. 

Dinner was with my mom's French friend that is currently residing in Thailand. He brought us to a famous bar & bistro, Oskar. 

 It was French-Thai cuisine and it was delicious.

 After dinner, I got dropped off at Hannah, Mira & Sa's hotel. Slept over for the night!

If only Bangkok was safer, we would have went out for a late night adventure. Oh wells, gossiping in bed IN THAILAND was fun too...

*sense sarcasm*

Left them early in the morning to catch my flight back home zzz

Who would have sex in a taxi tho...


(Sunglasses : Hong Kong / Top : Tobi / Shorts : Small stall in Tropicana City Mall / Bracelet : Lokai / Shoes : Birkenstock / Bag : Cotton On)

The last of this city...for now ;)

Short & sweet little escapade.