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Mr. Bean Body Care specialises in 100% organic coffee scrubs that are made from premium ingredients including organic fair trade coffee beans, Himalayan pink rock salt, Demerara sugar, organic cold pressed coconut & vitamin E. It's sold exclusively on their official site (

) for roughly $18 (USD). Mr. Bean Body Care offers worldwide shipping so no worries on that. Mr. Bean offers 3 different scents/options for their coffee scrub : Coconut, Mandarin, Man Scrub.

I've been meaning to try coffee scrub ever since I found out about it. Mr Bean was kind enough to send me one of their best sellers - the Mandarin Coffee Scrub to test & review. 


The idea of a coffee scrub just sounded so fascinating to me. I love trying new things, especially interesting new products. Coffee scrubs contain a lot of natural ingredients that are good for your skin. It helps exfoliate, get rid of stretch marks, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, cellulite, eczema, age spots, varicose veins and psoriasis...which pretty much makes up for all your insecurities. Mr. Bean takes away all that shitty stuff you have all over your body and nourishes it with natural goodies. I love how the Mandarin Coffee Scrub had a crushed Oreo texture to it and smelled like orange chocolate, it made my experience an even greater one.

Take note : Mr. Bean wasn't kidding when he mentioned he wanted to get down & dirty as hell with you. He's gonna make a huge mess so you have to be prepared! You can't expect wonders to happen if you're not planning to go all the way with him. Wet yourself, grab a handful, apply him on you with gentle circular motions, leave him to soak into your delicate skin for 5 minutes tops, rinse, cleanse with your favourite body wash and take your final rinse for the best results. 

Thank you

Mr. Bean Body Care

it's "bean" a pleasure.

photo credits to : Sheng Wei