[HLG ATELIER] Insights & BTS

As you all know (or may not know...), I have my very own online store. It started out on Instagram, selling only pre-loved clothing and it went by the name Holographic. I managed to make some extra cash out of just selling pre-loved clothing and I thought...why not? Spending hours on the internet was a trait of mine so sourcing for products online should be quite a breeze. I managed to find suppliers and wholesale sites that were willing to supply and let me pre-order their items for my little store on Instagram. Sales were increasing monthly and I had loyal customers that made my day. 

A year later I decided to register my little business as a legitimate company and moved it to a site. HLG stands for Holographic and Atelier is studio in french, so basically it's Holographic's studio. Studio is basically a platform where artists produce interesting works of art and in my interpretation, studio is a place I basically upload whatever I find interesting for people to browse and if they're interested, they'd be able to purchase it. It offers a wide range of fashionable apparels to tech accessories and more to come.

Next step to complete the site before its ready to launch was to have a proper catalogue for apparels and also a lookbook for people to refer to. I got friends who were aspiring photographers and models to help shoot and I can't thank them enough because the outcomes were exactly what I had imagined it to be. It was a ton of time & money invested in this project of mine, a lot of trials and errors too but I'm hoping it will get me somewhere in the near future. Its an ongoing learning process but its also a challenge as its mine to make it a success. 

I have to thank my parents for encouraging me in my little venture especially mum for driving me around for all my photoshoots, posting my goods out and brainstorming with me on our marketing plan, sourcing for products and also for helping me with the accounts cos I suck at maths...

Behind the scenes...

(first lookbook shoot)

This is only the beginning...more to come so stay tuned for updates!

bts photo credits to : mom