Styling A Bustier Dress

As you can see, this post is what you (& I) would call "out of the norm" as I've never posted anything like this before. I'm trying something new here so I hope the response I get don't suck...So basically, I've been receiving one or two questions from anonymous people asking me how I would style a certain type of clothing and I thought blogging about it would be so much easier than me telling you how to imagine what it would look like on someone. 

These pictures were actually taken way before in January, if I'm not mistaken. I took these during my trip to Cameron Highlands at the beginning of the year >

check the post out if you haven't already seen it yet

. The reason as to why I took these photos was because I wanted to do something like a style blog earlier but I wasn't sure how to, so it basically failed. I'm taking out old photos to "test the waters" so voila ~

Bustier dresses are pretty versatile and best of all, they come in all kinds of prints. The one I was wearing was more of a party dress but I'm sure if any of you wanted a more day-to-day bustier dress you could easily find it in the market.

I like bustier dresses that don't obviously cup your boobs and have too much padding to it, therefore this was perfect for me. I'm loving the subtle lace details and bustier effect to its simple flair. I paired it with a red purse, silver heels and accessories. I kept it simple because the colour and overall design were enough to make me stand out without having to add too much blings on my arms and neck. This outfit is perfect for a night out with your girls or even a fancy-smancy date with your boi. 

An extra tip for wearing a bustier dress : flaunt what you've got but still keep it classy ;)

Dress :


Wristlet : Coach

Earrings : FOREVER21

Bracelet : Small stall in a mall

Heels : Vincci

Hair & make up by : Me

Photography by : Mom

Edited by : Me