Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Why, hello there 

I'm sure you would have noticed the new hairdo by now....

Anyways, I've been meaning to donate my hair since the beginning of the year when I heard about Pantene Beautiful Lengths from a friend. She told me about her experience and briefed me about the procedures over tea. I have been growing my hair out since February and it never occurred to me that  it has been so long since then. It was definitely sooner than I expected and I was not mentally prepared for the cut at all. A few days ago, Sheng Wei and I went on a spontaneous date to the salon and I wasn't sure what got into me but I managed to suck it up and got them to cut it short. 

To make the cut, your hair must be at least 8 inches long. And before you cut you hair, you have to tie the top and tip of your hair so that it'll be in tact after you cut it. 




Anyways, after all that jazz you basically have to make sure the hair you chopped off is completely dry and ready to be packed in a zip lock bag. When it is all set to go, post it out to the address given on their site and voila ~ you MADE THE CUT!!! (jks, you just donated your hair)

**If you're planning to do the same, head over to their site to find out more :) 

Pantene Beautiful Lengths