Fading Into Darkness

I did a shoot with Husaini the other day at an abandoned mansion in Bukit Damansara during the evening. He had this really cool ghostly concept that he wanted to try out. It has yet to be released so stay tuned! Anyway, these shots were just some portraits of me that he shot because we had some time before it turned dark. The place was super creepy but super cool too in my opinion. The mansion was huge! It was beautiful even though it was super worn out. It had "AKMI" engraved onto the main entrance floor of the mansion and pictures and burnt pages of books scattered all over in the main hall and the store room. I know curiosity tends to kill the cat but I can't help but want to know more about who lived in such a lavish mansion and the reason as to why they left...hmm. Anyone know the story? 

It was honestly pretty creepy shooting at such a place especially when it started to turn dark and there were thunders and lighting, much like a horror movie set. I was so paranoid yet so interested to explore the place. I had fun tho, it was a really cool experience. I hope to do more of these shoots even tho I might get a heart attack in the midst of it. 

Top : Cotton On

Skirt :

HLG Atelier

Make up by : Me

Photographs by :

Husaini Mustapha