Hello, I've been updating my blog so frequently that I'm starting to feel as if it was a bad thing...Anyways, recently I was introduced to an aspiring photographer called Keen Meng that wanted do a shoot with Sheng Wei & I. It was definitely something different because for once (referring to this year only), I wasn't going to be a fairy princess lost in the woods of some sort for my shoot haha! (not implying I disliked my previous shoots but, I was just pretty stoked it was out of the norm)

Loved the photos overall! Would like to thank Keen Meng & his cutesy assistant, Wei Jean. The photos turned out adorable. It was a pleasure working with the both of you x 

Selfie before the day ended (^_<)

Check out Keen Meng's Instagram :


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(Top : Tobi / Bottom : H&M / Dress : American Eagle (available on


) / Necklace : Bausch K / Bracelet : Lokai)