Spontaneous Day Out

Hello there! I decided to write about a really spontaneous and fun date I had with Sheng Wei last week. He picked me up after my school's Merdeka Carnival and we decided to go to Empire Damansara to try the widely promoted Boat Noodles by people I've been following on social platforms. 

Empire Damansara is an up and coming foodie area. It has the ever so popular hipster vibe to it and the cafes built in. Boat Noodles originated from Thailand and is probably really common if you have it there. I'm guessing some genius decided to bring it in locally and made it a really hipster thing that is Instagram worthy so no one from this generation can resist haha! 

4 choices of classic Thai noodles to choose from, what's your pick? 


As you can see, the bowl of noodles only consists of a spoonful or two of noodles. That explains the amount of bowls we stacked up above ^ Noodles were good but after awhile, it was pretty hard for me to differentiate the noodles but overall it was tasty. 

The only dessert on the menu. Average I say, tasted like the Malay kuih with green and white layers of coconut & pandan kaya in a cute saucer pan...

After lunch, we (I) decided to drag my beau to get a pedicure done together haha! If you haven't already know, I love dragging him to do all kinds of dumb shit with me for the fun of it :p Anyways, his first time and it was hilarious. I paid for his "manly pedicure" at The Nail Parlour (the usual nail parlour I go to). My basic pedicure cost about RM50, whereas his one cost about RM70. OH MEN...*rolls eyes*

Enjoying his "wtf is this" face hahah!

He agreed it was relaxing but quite a waste of money haha but it's not like we pamper ourselves 24/7 so what's a little splurge once in awhile?