Hello there, just a little something I need to get off my chest  so bear with me if you're reading this. I was thrown into a situation recently, and I've been doing some self evaluation & observation these few days, just trying my best to find an answer/solution. So here goes. Tell me what you think about it after. I would love to know. 

I find it so ironic that us as humans expect so much from others that we don't realise how most of the time, other people feel the same towards us too. We expect the people around us to always know what we want because we often have this mindset that they SHOULD know. All because they spend an ample amount of time with us, we feel as if they should have paid enough attention to know exactly what we expect from them at times of need without having to speak up. Thing is, I can't promise anyone who knows me to understand how they feel when they need me to, so why do I have such high expectations towards the people around me? Don't you think we as human beings are equally dysfunctional more than 50% of the time?

The thing is, we are all equally confused. We are all equally fickle minded when it comes to things like these. We honestly don't know what we want most of the time but we expect others to. I (we) don't have a solution for this problem because we're basically just being confused human beings. I know how it feels letting others down and simultaneously feeling let down. Bottom line is, that we need to stop expecting because it never will tally with our expectations. We're constantly setting ourselves up for disappointment and we don't realise it. We get so mad & sad all the time because things don't turn out the way we hoped it would or should have been. We don't always get what we want but that's life. It has its ups & downs but we make it through anyway. It's bearable and I hope this short note of mine helps you in the near future. Think twice before reacting, adjust and amend what you can. It's not that hard once you've got the base down.