Sweet 16!

I officially turned 16 on Monday and I had the best time celebrating my birthday, full of surprises, 3 times with all the people I love. I am beyond blessed to have them in my life and I am beyond thankful for everything they have done to make my sweet 16 the most memorable one that I'll ever have. *tears of joy*

I mentioned surprises above, and by that I meant really good ones that made me balled my eyes dry and shut me up for a few minutes. Okay, so a week or so before my birthday, I was feeling kinda down because I really wanted to celebrate my 16th birthday but I didn't know how or what I wanted. Aside from that, Sheng Wei wouldn't be able to celebrate it with me due to A-level's trial exams falling on the day and week of my birthday. And for that, my whole hype over celebrating my sweet 16 died down and I was just feeling all moody because I didn't know what exactly I wanted to do next. I ended up wanting to celebrate but not having the hype to do anything fancy so finally I planned to have dinner at Signature @ The Roof with the girls and maybe spend the night away at PLAY @ The Roof or something...

After school, Kamilia, Bea & I followed Thira home to get ready for the night. We took forever (typical vain bitches), in and out of the toilet and taking turns in front of the mirror. I think we took about 2 hours, no kidding. We got all dolled up and left the house at 8pm. Reservation was made for 830pm and on the way to First Avenue, Thira told me that she needed to go to Publika to collect something from her step sister before her mom drops us off. I got kinda ticked off because her house was literally 5 minutes away from First Avenue and it didn't make sense to head all the way to Mont Kiara from Kota Damansara and then back again...

When we reached Publika, I thought she was just going to pick the item up without stopping, but she ended up telling me that we all had to come down because her step sister just "left the house". At that point I literally started taking deep breaths because it was past 830pm and she made me walked from one end of Publika to another "looking for her step sister". I remembered at one point, I just stopped following her because I got fed up telling her "why can't she just come to us? we're at the main freaking entrance...you don't even know where you're going or her exact location!" She stopped and grabbed me whilst disregarding what I had just said. I was trying so hard to control whatever anger I had inside of me that was starting to boil up. We went up & down Publika and by the time we made it to this restaurant called Marharba, I was already teary. She walked in there and I thought "FINALLY! SHE FOUND HER!" and so I followed her in...and to my fucking surprise...I DIED. 

It got kinda awkward behind because no one knew what to do when I ran out after the surprise HAHAHAHA sozz cried too uglily 


Feeling so freaking blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. The fact that the girls actually took the time to plan this beautiful surprise for my birthday and the people who actually took time off to come surprise me on my birthday, means so much to me. I don't think I'll ever forget how hard you guys made me cry and how I couldn't speak properly because of the constantly sniffing and heavy breathing. 

After the party ended at around 10+, we left Marharba and hung out around Publika while waiting for our ride to The Roof. The Azriman twins and Brandon brought us to PLAY for the after party with a few of the girls. 

All in all, I had a great night! Spent it with literally the best company anyone could ever ask for. Thanks again for the amazing surprise party! So much love towards all of you, thank you! 

(Top & bottom : one of the store from POP MARKET @ The School, Jaya One / Bag : H&M / Bracelet : FOREVER21 / Shoes : H&M)

The day after, I was supposed to celebrate my parents' early anniversary celebration at PLOY...or so I thought. Anyways, took a ton of food pictures because I wanted to blog about PLOY but I guess now it's part of this post haha! 

Overall the food was pretty good. It was a bit pricey for the size of it tho. I hated the pizza btw...it tasted gross. Loved everything else tho! 

Anyways, back to the topic...

I thought it was their early anniversary celebration...

After dinner, someone surprised me from behind...


I was pretty shocked because I swear he was home just a while ago texting me, saying he was studying for his test the week after. 

Thank you baby for surprising me even tho it was just for a short while. You went through so much trouble looking for PLOY because your Waze screwed up but haha your fault :p thanks again for the Thomas Sabo charm 


"I got you a pair of baby shoe charms to add to your collection because you're my baby and that's the closest colour I could find next to your favourite Tiffany Blue." 

Thank you so much baby, you never fail to surprise me because you're always so unpredictable :) in the best way tho. 

(Dress : Fox-Out / Bag : H&M / Shoes : H&M / Necklace : Bausch K) 

On the day of my actual birthday, we had a small surprise dinner for Nang because it was her birthday too! TWINSIES! Her mom & sister planned it at PicNik, Publika and she didn't expect anything at all! It felt pretty good making someone cry because they're overjoyed. 


I got my own picture with the cake too hahahahah! thanks to Nang's mom 

I'm not going anywhere without my girls, love them to bits!  


Thanks for everything! You guys made the most out of my 16th birthday 

(Top : Trxple Clothing on Instagram / Bottom : H&M / Shoes : H&M)

Once again, I have these lovely people in my life to thank :) mommy, daddy for helping with the surprise, Sheng Wei for the time off & my main girls (too many to name but you know who you are) for making sure everything went as planned. Thanks for planning all the surprises, I love you guys to death!  

P.S. sorry for the bad quality pictures .___. should have brought my camera...