What Do You Know About Me?

The reason as to why I am writing about this is because recently, I've been getting numerous hate from people who come off as anonymous on my ask.fm. My ask.fm has been bombarded with anonymous telling me how bad a person I am (as if they know me personally and so well), that I am trash, the reason why I dress up the way I do is because I want attention etc. 

I've been trying my hardest to get over it but...truth is, how do you get over people calling you names and insulting you, basically bullying you over the internet. I have had it up to here with insensitive people claiming that they know me inside out.



  • Attention Seeking

Yes, I will not deny the fact that I am indeed attention seeking. We as human beings crave attention on a daily basis. It is just how we are no matter how much one chooses to deny the fact and condemn others for being so. It is attention that leads to affection, it is the same kind of attention you crave from your parents, friends, other half and so on. The level of wanting attention may vary from human to human but as long as you're as human as I am, there is no point in condemning others for wanting attention.

No matter how you condemn others for being "attention seeking", you will always be a hypocrite because no matter what you do or how you choose to feel as tho you aren't "one of them"...you always will be.

  • Spoilt Brat

Give me a break...I come from a VERY NORMAL class family. I don't have excessive luxury goods like how some of my friends do. I am very blessed to have come from a happy family that isn't broken and fairly successful. I am NOT in any way rich, but I have enough of everything and I am content. I do get pampered once in a blue moon here & there but not excessively. I know my limits and I know for a fact that if I want something, I will have to work hard for it. I don't get everything I want merely by just snapping my fingers. If I want something, I usually need to work hard for it. Be it working hard for a good report card or actually working to earn some cash to get what I want. 

  • Cheap Slut

Oh please, before you even call someone names along the lines of cheap slut or whore...I dare you to find out what the terms even mean. I honestly doubt any of you get that dressing a certain way DOES NOT make you a slut nor an invitation to sexism remarks. A slut or whore defines a woman who has several casual sexual partners. Do I look like I sleep around? The only reason why you people choose to label me by these names is because I dress differently. I dare to dress out of comfort zones. I choose to be different in the way I dress and I choose to experiment with clothes but that doesn't make me a cheap slut or whore. The thing is, being different is not a sin neither is it something that people should condemn about. Being different is how every single human being should be or else we might as well be robots that look alike and behave alike.

The way I choose to dress does not in any way hurt you. It does not affect your life one bit, so why do some people choose to condemn others for being different when you yourself might be different from someone else's perspective. 

The thing is, you people are just trying to condemn me for being who I am. You can't change me so all you're trying to do is do your best to bring me down. If you can't stand my approach on life then unfollow me on my social networks. Save yourself the misery and time spent on sending me hate. Because in the end, you're the one on the losing end. No matter what, I'll always just be minding my own business and you'll always be wasting your efforts on me. 


P.S. Don't expect others to be perfect if you're as flawed as them. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated. I hope you've learned something from this post of mine...