Oh, England. (Part 1)

I've been wanting to come to UK since forever and now, guess where I am? (^_^) It's my first time here and I'm honestly loving it here. My current life goal is to live here in the future and I WILL!!! (time to work 10x harder ugh) 

Touched down on the evening of 10th of April (UK date). Took MAS and finally got to sit on the Airbus A380, currently the biggest and most advanced commercial plane in the world. Airbuses compared to our oh-so familiar Boeing has wider seats, more leg room (maybe it's because I have short legs that's why I feel that way idk) and is double decker. I enjoyed my 13 hour flight throughly, it was definitely better than my flight to Australia last year...didn't sleep at all tho, occupied myself with TV series & movies I downloaded before I left. Was slightly bummed because I wasn't placed on the second floor of the Airbus :( but good flight.

It's pretty cool how they have a camera on the top of the plane and that they actually show you the take off & landing of the plane. 

After touching down, we got our local sim card from a vending machine (how cool!) and rented a car for the next few days. 

20 pounds for a local number from a sim card vending machine 

13 hour fights in a bun gives you lion mane 

Copthorne Hotel, Slough for a night because Legoland, Windsor the next day 

sweat pants & t-shirt for the 13 hour flight earlier on

(Top : Uniqlo / Sweatpants : Uniqlo / Flip Flops : Havaianas)

 Simple Chinese dinner at the hotel restaurant because lazy and also because some people can't live without Chinese food 

I find it so cool how it only turns dark at about 9/10pm here during summer. Loving it all here! 

 Family bonding (stacking on each other) time! 

Was still pretty much jet lagged but we managed. Had complimentary hotel breakfast the next morning before we headed to Windsor for Legoland.

 Damien eating bacon with cereal (amazingly weird)

As you know I have always been fascinated by cool vending machines and look! Ice cream vending machines! BEN & JERRY'S!!!

So we didn't have enough small change to get two ice-cream so Damien got his and I remained ice-cream-less... :(

Gummy bear ice-cream

 Legoland, Windsor! Largest one in the world. 



(Kimono Cardigan : Trxple Clothings / Top : Forever 21 / Shorts : Kitschen / Bag : Topshop / Shoes : Agape Boutique / Shades : H&M / Necklace : Vintage)

Lunch time @ Legoland
Food here lack SALT...but not too bad.

Damien & I got our very own customised Lego LUNCH BOX! 
I don't even bring food to school but highly motivated due to cute lunch box.

Miniland! Looks so real, lego is amazing I must say.

Legoland fun time! 

Loving my purchases of the day! 

After Legoland, we headed to back to the hotel for dinner...more Chinese food (for god sakes) because my grandparents can't live without rice...

After dinner, we headed to Tesco and got ourselves some snacks for our road trips. 

Got ice-cream for the night!
Unboxing my limited edition Creme Brûlée Magnum after a long day @ Legoland

The next day, we checked out of Copthorne Hotel, Slough and headed to Windsor to check the castle and town out.

you pay for parking tickets here with credit cards (I find it so cool...once again being all 'jakun')

If you have the time (I didn't), check the mall above ^ out, it's located inside Windsor Royal Shopping. Seemed interesting but I only managed to check out New Look & H&M. 

Got myself a romper @ H&M!

from one of the cafes inside Windsor Royal Shopping

Windsor Castle, oldest and largest occupied castle in UK!

Of Windsor Castes & hipster streets + cafes

(Dress : Forever 21 / Bag : Topshop / Shoes : Agape Boutique / Shades : Holographic (@holographic_ on Instagram) / Necklace : Vintage) 

Headed to Swindon after and straight to the Swindon Designer Outlet. 

An old train station converted into an outlet mall. I wouldn't say it has everything & anything but there are some variety to it. 

Lunch @ one of the unnamed cafes in the outlet mall

Damien and his ice-cream from Thorntons

After shopping, we headed to the famous Stanton House. It's an old estate bought over by Honda and converted into a hotel/tea house. It has amazing scenery and delicious high tea! 

Just us lazing around the grass and me disturbing the little one :p

Damien's photography ehhh

more of me lazing on the grassssss 

total poser...but YOU CAN GET THE SAME RETRO SUNGLASSES FROM HOLOGRAPHIC (@holographic_ on Instagram) ;) ;) ;) 

Had a nice bonding time with my family surrounded by beautiful scenery 

Checked in to our hotel, Premier Inn. Cosy little place indeed.

Purchases of the day : 

Nike trainers/running shoes in my ultimate fav colour! From the NIKE outlet at the outlet mall. 

Romper from H&M

MAC lipstick in the prettiest shade of pink from the outlet mall! 

The next day, we checked out of Premier Inn and headed to Bath. Ancient City with beautiful old architecture and remains of the famous Roman Bath that's 2000 years old.

Roman Baths
learnt some history there, pretty interesting
The greenish water that you see in the picture is actually organic sulphur and the water that flows through is natural hot spring water. Despite the looks of it, the water is actually crystal clear! 

(Cropped Sweater : H&M / Dress : H&M / Bag : Coach / Sandals : Vincci / Bracelet : Thomas Sabo / Shades : H&M)

After the Roman Baths, we headed for lunch at Gourmet Burger Kitchen nearby. It's facing the main road and is located in a modern building/mall. I don't think it's possible to miss so it's definitely a must try if you're anywhere near that area.

Burger was amazing! Loved the chargrilled chicken burger! MUST TRY THE CHARGRILLED CHICKEN!!!

Headed to the South Gate which is located opposite the burger joint. Shopped and explored the place a little before heading off. 

Damien bored out of his mind waiting for the ladies :p

After Bath, we headed off to Bristol. Checked into Double Tree by Hilton, complimentary welcome warm cookie ^_^

Room in Hilton is really spacious!

Had dinner with dad's friend in Bristol. Ate by the harbour, it was really chilly out. Had dinner at a Pub & Restaurant called Mud Dock. It's a bicycle shop during day time, restaurant when nightfalls. 

The decor is super grungy & the view from the restaurant is amazing!

Dinner for the night, the menu doesn't have much variety but good enough. They basically serve pub food with really foreign words that took me awhile to google and get the meaning of what I was about to be served...

Beautiful cathedral with bells ringing from time to time

Found Debenhams along the way and got this halter top from Miss Selfridge earlier today.